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Q & A Tim Green

The 42-year-old former Falcons defensive end and ex-host of A Current Affair is a lawyer and recently published his 13th book, Kingdom Come.

SI: How often did you write during your football career?

Green: When I was in the NFL, I was writing every day. I started my first novel a year after my rookie season [1986] and finished the first draft in 1991. The second draft was finished in '92 and published the next year.

SI: What books with a sports theme have captured your imagination?

Green: The ones that have had the most impact have been The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent and The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe.

SI: Is it true that Falcons coach Jerry Glanville once caught you reading War and Peace before a game?

Green: We were playing the Rams in L.A., and I was in my locker with all my equipment on. It was not that long before kickoff. He came by and said, "What the hell are you reading?"

SI: You've been named NFL commissioner for a week. What are your first moves?

Green: Besides cutting preseason games, I'd cap rookie signing bonuses at $2 million and expand rosters to 60, since the game keeps getting more specialized.

SI: What was tougher to handle: losing to the Redskins in the divisional playoffs in 1991 or having A Current Affair be replaced by Geraldo at Large in 2005?

Green: It hurt a lot more to be replaced by Geraldo at Large. [Laughs.]

SI: Are you a better writer than you were a football player?

Green: Right now I am probably as good a writer as I was a football player. The good thing about writing is, I know I'll get better. I will reach a higher height as a writer than I did as a football player.

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