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Seimone Augustus


On leading theWNBA in scoring average at the All-Star break (23.2), as a rookie

I didn't expectit. I don't think anybody expected it. I came in [from LSU] with the idea ofjust going with the flow. I wanted to just feel my way around with my teammatesand with our organization.

On adjusting tothe pro game

The speed of thegame and the [level of] competition is the biggest thing. You're facing thebest players in the world. You have to bring it on the offensive and defensiveends. And that's every night.

On her fashionsense

Before I was intojerseys and wearing tomboyish-type stuff. As I've matured I've gotten into moreof a casual look. Some jeans and a nice collared shirt.

On one day owninga clothing store

I'd sell businesscasual clothes and branch into the diva style. My teammates complain that theycan't find shoes or clothes big enough for them. I'd like to help them out.

On designing herown clothes

I can't sew, but Idid draw up my prom dress in high school. It was black satin and had somerevealing places, like around the stomach area. Sleek and classy at the sametime. People were surprised that I even put on a dress because that's not me.Once they learned that I designed the dress, they were even more impressed. Idon't think people thought I had that in me.

On living inMinneapolis

It is the firsttime I've been away from [Baton Rouge]. Minneapolis reminds me a lot of home.It's laid back. It's not a very busy city. Everyone has shown me greathospitality. The only thing they don't have is good Sunday cooking--crawfishand stuff like that.

On beingrecognized in Minnesota

I'm recognized alittle, but it's not stalker-type. People are not following me around the mallhere. I had a few people come up and say, "You're Augustus," but it'snot a lot, which is good because I can walk through a mall and shop. I haven'tbeen able to walk through a mall in Baton Rouge since I was 11.

On beingrecognized by stars

At the ESPYs lastyear I met Carmelo Anthony, Amaré Stoudemire and T.O. I didn't figure theywatched women's basketball. Dwight Howard walked up and was like, "You'reSeimone Augustus." I said, "Yes, I am. And you're Dwight Howard."It was amazing.

On maturing from ashy freshman at LSU to a talkative WNBA player

I give thanks tothe media. I had to open up. The media started to change their questions so Iwouldn't have just yes or no answers. That helped me come out of my shell.Before I was like, "Yes. No. Maybe." But the [interviews] made me feelcomfortable talking to people and to not be afraid to say what I need tosay.




Photograph by Steve Wewerka