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August 14, 2006 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Going Steady

This year was supposed to be all about the kids, but in the final major it was Sherri Steinhauer, another veteran, making all the right moves

By E.M. Swift

Chicagoland Dream 18

When it comes to the largest concentration of classic courses in America, the Second City is second to none. Here are the best of the best in Golftown U.S.A.

COMPILED BY Geoff Shackelford

Tiger at 50

And why it won't take him long to hit 51

By Jim Gorant

Big Play with Mike Lopuszynski

By Mike Lopuszynski

Change Of Heart

Thank you, USGA, for helping me find a way to play in the Amateur

By Mackinzie Kline

Air and Space

Sweat Inequity

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field

Natalie Gulbis


As told to Lisa Altobelli

Who's Hot / Who's Not

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

The Questions with Sean Casey

Tigers 1B

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Sunday Monkey

By Andrew Lawrence

The Pop Culture Grid

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

SI Players: Edge

Core Values

Jumping routines. Resistance bands. Yoga. In an ongoing workout series that begins with this week's look at 49ers safety Tony Parrish, SI will show how NFL players toughen their cores. It's not just six-pack abs they want: A solid core can be the difference between becoming a star and losing your job

By Jeffri Chadiha

The Poser

By Lisa Altobelli


Grime Pays

Phillies second baseman Chase Utley has put up some filthy numbers in 2006, proving he's more than just another pretty face in an ugly uniform. In fact, he's SI's choice as the dirtiest player in baseball (and we mean that in the best possible way)

By Michael Farber

Pooling Their Talent

Record-setting 17-year-old Katie Hoff led a new wave of Americans who made a splash at the nationals and are ready to reestablish the U.S. as the world's No. 1 women's team

By Kelli Anderson

"Bleu, Blanc, Rouge...France!"

Led by longtime pals Boris Diaw and Tony Parker, a young and colorful French team could deliver a surprise at next week's world championships

By Alan Shipnuck

On Top of the Worlds

Rededicated after a sixth-place finish at the last FIBA World Championship, the U.S. will be a heavy favorite in Japan, with any of seven other teams in contention for a medal. Here's SI's predicted order of finish for the 24-team tournament, which begins on Aug. 19 and ends on Sept. 3, in Saitama.

By Ian Thomsen

Game of Survival

Tom Brady is secure; so is Reggie Bush. But in 32 camps across the country, hundreds of lesser-known players are fighting for their football lives. Over the next three weeks jobs will be won or lost, careers will be made or broken. It's the unforgiving law of the NFL jungle

By Peter King

Jockeying for Positions

Veterans pitted against rookies, incumbents battling up-and-comers: Here are 32 other sizzling training-camp competitions that will have to be settled before the season begins

By Gene Menez

Backs to the Wall

A surprise rookie makes a run past Tatum Bell and Ron Dayne for the Broncos' tailback job

By Jeffri Chadiha

End Justifies the Means

Texans Jason Babin and Antwan Peek hunger for a move from linebacker to Mario Williams's linemate

By Nunyo Demasio

Third and Short

In the battle for the Giants' No. 3 wideout spot, Tim Carter feels the heat from Smurflike draft pick Sinorice Moss

By Michael Silver

Going Toe-to-Toe

A banged-up vet and a strong-legged rookie line up to succeed New England's most famous foot

By Paul Zimmerman

Safety First

Opportunity knocks for two recent second-round draft picks in the Browns' defensive backfield

By Bill Syken

Camp Stinks!

Enduring his 15th NFL summer, Giants tackle Bob Whitfield dishes on the sights, the sounds and the smells of pro football's dog days

By Bob Whitfield


Inside: The Week In Sports

Flat-out Fast

Overcoming a flat tire, Jimmie Johnson charged back to claim victory at the Brickyard and extend his points lead

By Lars Anderson


By Albert Chen

Albert Chen's View

By Albert Chen

Life of Reilly

You Make The Call

By Rick Reilly


The Last Word

His death in 2002 did not completely silence the unique voice of Million Dollar Baby author F.X. Toole

By John Schulian

Inside Cover Description

Back from the Brink

Doug Brocail has had two angioplasties in '06--and he's back pitching in the bigs

By George Dohrmann

Leading Off

Saltwater Daffy

Fourteen-year-old Chloe Sutton is making waves in the newest Olympic sport, open-water swimming

By Franz Lidz

Grand Dame of the Slams

In a sport dominated by divas, unassuming Amy Frazier has made her mark at a record 68 majors

By L. Jon Wertheim


Slime and Punishment

One thing to remember if you're planning to cheat in college sports: Be a coach. Otherwise you'll have to pay the price

By Stephen Cannella

Four-time Iditarod Champion Susan Butcher 1955--2006

By Mark Bechtel

For the Record

Offensive Tactics

Cyclist Floyd Landis and Justin Gatlin's coach attempt damage control

QA Benny Parsons

The NBC and TNT NASCAR analyst, 65, won 21 races in his career as a driver, including the 1975 Daytona 500

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella