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For the Record

By Glidemaster, the $1.5 million Hambletonian for 3-year-old trotters, in astakes-record time of 1:51.1. The colt, driven by John Campbell, went off at7--1 odds less than two weeks after stepping on a nail in his stall. The footinjury threatened to sideline Glidemaster (above), but he recovered in time tofinish second to Mr. Pine Chip--who went off as the 4--5 favorite in theHambletonian--in his elimination heat on July 29. Last Saturday, Mr. Pine Chipwent off stride, but it was unlikely he would have been able to beat thefast-closing Glidemaster, who won for the third time in seven starts this year."This is the ultimate," said Campbell, who won his sixth Hambo. (Noother driver has more than four.) "This is what we all strive for in thisgame."

From hosting international soccer matches because of violence in the region,Israel. The governing body of European soccer, UEFA, said that all gamesscheduled to be played in the country "shall be played outside of Israeliterritory" until further notice. Top Israeli club Maccabi Haifa was to hostLiverpool in a Champions League game on Aug. 22, which Liverpool manager RafaBenitez said was "totally unacceptable" given the fighting between theIsraeli army and Hezbollah. (The game has not yet been rescheduled.)

By Division II Bryant University as its lacrosse coach, former Duke coach MikePressler. Pressler resigned in April after 16 seasons with the Blue Devils,shortly after a dancer told police she was raped by three players at a teamparty. That allegation was followed by the revelation that nearly one third ofDuke's 47 players had ever been arrested, many for alcohol-related offenses(SI, June 26). "I am very grateful to Bryant University for this tremendousopportunity," Pressler said in a statement.

By Kansas defensive tackle Eric Butler, a civil rights lawsuit alleging thatthe NCAA violated Title IX. NCAA rules state that a player has five years tocomplete four seasons of eligibility--but female students are allowed to take ayear off for "reasons of pregnancy." Butler claims he should have beengranted an extra year since he missed the 2001 season to help raise his newborndaughter. The NCAA is expected to rule on an appeal from Butler in the next twoweeks; Butler has put the legal proceedings on hold until then. "Eric is agood kid who did the right thing by taking some time off to live up to hisresponsibilities," said KU associate athletic director Jim Marchiony."We hope the NCAA feels the same way."

By Houston Dynamo midfielder Dwayne De Rosario (above), the only goal in theMLS All-Star team's 1--0 upset of Chelsea. The game in suburban Chicago was thefinal stop on a preseason tour of the U.S. for the English Premier Leaguechampions. "They were faster than us, sharper than us, able to play uptempogoing against a team that was tired and slow," said Chelsea coach JoseMourinho. The last time an MLS All-Star side took on a European powerhouse waslast August, when Real Madrid won in a 5--0 rout.

Guilty to having a role in a gambling operation allegedly run by PhoenixCoyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet, James Harney a former New Jersey statetrooper. Harney, 40, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, promoting gambling andofficial misconduct. As part of his plea deal (which includes up to seven yearsin prison), he agreed to help authorities build a case against Tocchet, afriend since the 1990s. Tocchet's lawyer characterized Harney as a"disgraced" lawman and vowed that Tocchet, who has been on anindefinite leave from the Coyotes since last February, would be vindicated.

To eight years in prison for plotting to kidnap an 18-year-old girl, WolfgangSchwarz, who won the 1968 Olympic men's figure skating gold medal for Austria.Schwarz, 59, confessed that he planned to ransom the daughter of a Romanianbusinessman for $4 million. "I admit it was my idea to kidnap thewoman," Schwarz (right) told the court. "I cannot explain it."

And charged with assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after he wasTasered by Miami Beach police, Pistons center Dale Davis. Police were calledafter the 15-year NBA vet refused to leave a hotel. Davis allegedly threatenedto beat up the officers and began walking toward them with clenched fistsbefore he was subdued with a stun gun. Davis's agent, Chubby Wells, said Davisplanned to file a lawsuit. "It was so ridiculous, it's unbelievable,"Wells said. "We're going to take a stand."

His remarks about late Eagles defensive end Reggie White, Hall of Fame Eagleslinebacker Chuck Bednarik. Last week the 81-year-old was asked at training campif he was a fan of White's, who died in 2005 at age 43 and was inducted intothe Hall of Fame last Saturday. Bednarik said, "No, not really.... Therewas something about him that I just despised. My memory is pretty bad, so Idon't remember those things." The next day Bednarik apologized profusely,saying he had confused White with Terrell Owens, who was released by the teamin March. "Reggie White was a beautiful person," Bednarik said. "Ireally confused him with T.O. That guy was a jerk."

At age 95 of congestive heart failure, Elden Auker, the last living pitcher tohave faced Babe Ruth. The Bambino was the first hitter Auker faced as a Tigersrookie in 1933. Auker, a submariner, struck him out on four pitches then gotthe next hitter, Lou Gehrig, to pop out. Auker was 130--101 in his 10-yearcareer. He was the losing pitcher--to Dizzy Dean of the Cardinals--in Game 7 ofthe 1934 World Series. The next year, after the Tigers beat the Cubs in theSeries, Auker was interviewed by Ronald Reagan, then an up-and-coming youngbroadcaster. According to Auker, Reagan later told him that interview was his"first big break."

In a crash when his car hit a deer during testing, Champ Car series driverCristiano da Matta. The accident happened at the Road America track, which sitson 628 acres in Elkhart Lake, Wisc. An eight-foot-high fence topped with barbedwire separates the track from the wooded terrain that surrounds it, but it isbelieved that the deer jumped the fence. Da Matta, who won the Champ Car titlein 2002 and drove in Formula One for two years, suffered serious head injuriesafter striking the animal. The Brazilian remained in intensive care onMonday.

Go Figure

1 Native Indonesians who have played in themajors--Indians reliever Tom Mastny, who was born in Borneo and made his bigleague debut on July 30.

7 Game-ending home runs by the Red Sox' David Ortizsince the beginning of the 2004 postseason; he has reached base 16 times in 19plate appearances in walk-off situations in that time.

12 Jersey number of former 49ers quarterback JohnBrodie, which was unretired so Brodie's friend Trent Dilfer can wear it thisseason.

200 Miles swum from Gloucestershire, England, to theNorth Sea by British environmentalist Lewis Pugh, 36, who, to raise awarenessabout global warming, became the first person to swim the length of the RiverThames.

Talledega White

Wonder Bread put up surprisingly little dough tosponsor Will Ferrell's Ricky Bobby

With apologies to Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has wonthe last three NASCAR Most Popular Driver contests, the hottest stock cardriver these days is Ricky Bobby. Last week the character played by WillFerrell in Talladega Nights (which topped the box office charts in its firstweek of release, with $47 million) was hobnobbing with Leno and Conan as wellas Regis and Kelly. His image is on toys and packages of hot dogs. And nomatter where he is, he's always wearing that white-and-blue Wonder Bread racingsuit.

Budweiser pays an estimated $15 million to $20 milliona year to sponsor Earnhardt. So what is Wonder Bread paying for Bobby? A lotless than you'd think.

Ferrell and director Adam McKay thought that havingWonder Bread as Bobby's sponsor would be funny, so they gave InterstateBakeries Corporation, the brand's owner, a spot on Bobby's suit and on the hoodof his car without charging product-placement fees. (IBC is obligated to spendmoney only on promotions such as grocery displays.) "It's a cross-promotionthat works for everyone," says IBC marketing VP Stan Osman. "It's notabout dollars for us. It's about a marketing opportunity." Huh? Oh, nevermind. The man's a genius: The value of the Wonder Bread's screen time has beenestimated at $100 million. --Adam Duerson

The Big 5-0

Say this for Tiger Woods: He works quickly. Withhis victory at the Buick Open on Sunday, Woods became the seventh player to win50 PGA Tour events--and he did it faster than anyone else. At 30 years, sevenmonths and seven days, he was nearly three years younger than Jack Nicklaus waswhen he became the youngest to win 50, in 1973. And Woods needed just 210tournaments to reach the milestone, which means he is moving at a much swifterpace than even the top four winners in history.

Sam Snead

PGA wins: 82

After 210 events: 44

At Tiger's age: 31

Jack Nicklaus

PGA wins: 73

After 210 events: 33

At Tiger's age: 33

Ben Hogan

PGA wins: 64

After 210 events: 49

At Tiger's age: 16

Arnold Palmer

PGA wins: 62

After 210 events: 27

At Tiger's age: 24




Ferrell has provided an estimated $100 million of exposure.