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Natalie Gulbis


On her love ofcooking and baking

On tour I try tostay with host families instead of in hotels so I can use their kitchens. Forbreakfast I'll make everyone pancakes, but my signature dish is stir-fry.Baking's a little harder since it has to be so precise. I'm not the only goodcook on tour. I call Annika for help with dinner recipes, but Cristie [Kerr's]the best baker.

On being the onlygirl on the boys' high school golf team

It was fun to playon the back tees with them, and they always stuck up for me. It was like I hadfive brothers. I played on a girls' team in college, and I much preferredplaying on the boys' team.

On leaving Arizonaafter one year

Not that I didn'tlove college or learning, but I love golf more. I did put away the first$100,000 I made so that I could always afford to go back to school.

On Lake Las Vegas,where she lives

There's a man-madelake and a Ritz-Carlton and a Hyatt and these monstrous homes on one side,where just a lot is a million dollars. It has three spectacular golf coursesand a Venice-style village. It's just beautiful. I love living there.

On what she likesto do in Vegas

Most of my friendsare in Sacramento [where she grew up], so I'll fly them in, and we'll hit thedance clubs. I like to play craps, but I don't do too well. I'm better atblackjack. And I love concerts. I've seen Jewel and Mariah Carey and KennyChesney. I'd never been to a country concert. Pretty cool--very laid back.

On former beau BenRoethlisberger

I've spoken to himsince the motorcycle accident but not enough that I want to comment about it.We're still friendly. He played a pro-am with me this year, and he still comesout to Vegas occasionally. We stay in touch all the time, but we lead busylives.

On motorcycles

My dad and I arehaving a custom chopper built. He's always been really into motorcycles, and Isupport his passion, but I've never ridden one. It's a little dangerous for me.Maybe when I'm not playing pro golf anymore. I mean I'd like to skydive, too,but I just can't.

On staying fit

I'm in bed by 10p.m., I wake up at 5 a.m., and I work out first thing for an hour and a half. Ido cardio for a half hour first. I run on the golf course or do the ellipticalmachine or the stair climber. Then I'll do weights. I love to work out. It's agreat start to my day.

On her swimsuitcalendars

It was my father'sidea. We did a golf calendar for 2004, and the next year he was, like, Youshould add a couple swimsuit shots. At first I said, You're crazy. But heconvinced me, and the photographers liked them. The LPGA supported the launchof my calendar at the U.S. Women's Open that year, but the USGA banned it. Theysaid it was too provocative. It was pretty mild--only about four bathing-suitshots. I mean my dad is at all my shoots. We're from California, and it's morerelaxed on the West Coast. In the golf world some things are still taboo.



Photograph by Monte Isom;