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On a list of bodyparts Jenna Jameson is known for, her arm wouldn't rank near the top. But theadult film veteran and best-selling author (How to Make Love Like a Porn Star:A Cautionary Tale) still wants you to know that she can throw a football."For a small girl, I can really rocket that f-----," Jameson (below)told SI. She was looking forward to showing off her gun at the LingerieBowl--the annual skin game that runs during halftime of the Super Bowl.Organizers asked her to play, but her insurers wouldn't let her. Instead,Jameson will be in the booth for the pay-per-view broadcast. "I'll kind ofbe like the John Madden of the Lingerie Bowl," she says. "Notphysically, of course. And more than likely, I'll be in my underwear,too."

• When longtimeCubs fan Jimmy Buffett returned to Wrigley Field as a spectator last week, hisfirst visit since playing two sold-out shows there last September, he couldn'thelp but grin--even as the Cubs lost 6--0 to the Pirates. "Every fewminutes," Buffett tells SI, "I would smile and recall something thatoccurred during the show. It is my most memorable baseball experience." Atwo-DVD set culled from the Chicago performances, Live at Wrigley Field, hitstores on Aug. 1.

• Kevin Costneris also getting into the ballpark concert business. On Aug. 11 he will headback to Dyersville, Iowa, where Field of Dreams was filmed, for the first timesince he starred in it 17 years ago. He and his unnamed rock band will play ashow in the outfield of the diamond used in the movie, and the gig (Costnerplays guitar and sings) will be followed by a screening of Field. "Themovie was significant in my career," said Costner, "and the band is animportant part of my future."

• The 2006 WorldCup provided a swan song--it was French midfielder Zinédine Zidane's finaltournament--and now it has spawned a hit song based on Zidane's head butt ofItaly's Marco Materazzi. Shortly after the infamous t√™te-√†-chest, two producersat the French La Plage Records wrote Coup de Boule (The Head Butt) and sent thetrack to friends. (We lost the World Cup, we had a good laugh anyway.... Watchout, it's the head butt dance) The song quickly made it to French radio,inspiring a video (with footage of past Zidane indiscretions), and the singlehit No. 1 on French music charts. Not bad for what a La Plage rep last weekcalled "a joke to entertain our friends."

• Buccaneersquarterback Chris Simms isn't shy about which Hollywood starlets he's keen on.In Tampa Bay's offensive scheme the QB yells "fox" at the line ofscrimmage when he calls an audible. This summer, though, Simms has beenshouting names of women he considers foxy. Among his favorites, according tocoach Jon Gruden: Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and PamelaAnderson.... He's young (26), but how restless is Luke Walton? America willfind out on Aug. 30, when the Lakers forward makes his acting debut on CBS'sThe Young and the Restless. The part isn't a stretch: In one scene shotrecently Walton plays one-one-one against actor Kristoff St. John.


A parade of 17 show-jumping motorcyclists--now thatwould be a trick. But motocross rider Travis Pastrana, 22, pulled off somethingequally impressive at X Games 12 in Los Angeles, where he nailed anunprecedented double backflip. The stunt, captured here in a multiple-exposurephotograph, was more than enough to earn Pastrana the gold medal in the Moto XBest Trick event--and the admiration of his fellow riders. Said Best Trickbronze medalist Blake Williams, "It was the stupidest thing I've everseen."


Steelers fans gave linebacker Clark Haggans an ovationwhen he exited a port-a-potty at training camp.