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Mock Draft 2006

A dozen of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's savviest stalwarts gathered in early August to divide up the fantasy football world. Who chose wisely? Who screwed up? You make the call

This is a head-to-head league with the following scoring system


• Teams field 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K and 1 defense/ special teams each week


• 1 POINT for every 25 passing yards or 10 rushing or receiving yards
• 5-POINT BONUS for a 300-yard passing game or a 100-yard rushing or receiving game
• AN ADDITIONAL 5-POINT BONUS for a 200-yard rushing or receiving game
• MINUS-3 POINTS for an interception
• 10 POINTS for a TD pass, run or catch
• 5-POINT BONUS for a TD pass, run or catch of 50 yards or more
• 2 POINTS for a two-point conversion pass, run or catch


•3 POINTS for a field goal
•1 POINT for an extra point
• 2-POINT BONUS for a FG of 50 yards or more


•3 POINTS for an interception or fumble recovery
•1 POINT for a sack
•10 POINTS for a defensive or special teams touchdown
• 5-POINT BONUS for a defensive or special teams TD of 50 yards or more
• 15-POINT BONUS for a shutout

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BEN REITER - SI REPORTER - Reit Wing Conspiracy




1 Larry Johnson RB Carried me to the '05 SI league title. Like Reggie Bush,I'm no dummy.

2 Shaun Alexander RB How can anyone ignore a league MVP with 28touchdowns?

3 Tiki Barber RB Rivers-Gates devalues LT, making the Giants' No. 1 man thepick.

4 LaDainian Tomlinson RB Easiest pick ever. (I had already penciled inTiki.)

5 Clinton Portis RB Remember what Holmes and Johnson did in Al Saunders'soffense?

6 Peyton Manning QB Edge's O-line scares me, so I'll "settle" for4,000 yards, 30 TDs.

7 Edgerrin James RB Arizona's O-line is a concern, but James was the mostreliable RB left.

8 Tom Brady QB A slight preference over Rudi Johnson in this spot.

9 Rudi Johnson RB Clearly the best back left; didn't think I'd get him atNo. 9.

10 Steven Jackson RB The best value in a tough spot; rated as high as No.4.

11 Cadillac Williams RB Not picking for GPA, but he's as good a bet as anyto win the rushing title.

12 LaMont Jordan RB Rushing (1,025 yards, nine TDs) was fine; 70 catches anice bonus.


24 Willie Parker RB If I had it to do over again I'd take Chad Johnsoninstead.

24 Warrick Dunn RB Gave me 1,416 yards last year, perfect for No. 2back.

22 Steve Smith WR Clutch receiver can TD-dance to his heart's content formy team.

21 Terrell Owens WR A risk/reward pick. If T.O. goes off, my ship goesdown.

20 Larry Fitzgerald WR My head said take a RB, but my heart wantedFitzgerald.

19 Reggie Bush RB A reach? Perhaps. But he has mad skills and every RB lefthas flaws.

18 Brian Westbrook RB The idea was to get another RB; just not convinced hewas the one.

17 Julius Jones RB Had hoped Cadillac Williams would fall, but JJ shouldscore often.

16 Domanick Davis RB Hoping Houston puts together some sort of offensiveline.

15 Willis McGahee RB Pick will be a bust if he's more '05 (five TDs) than'04 (13 TDs).

14 Chester Taylor RB Free-agent bargain will benefit from new O-lineacquisitions.

13 Ronnie Brown RB No Ricky means he'll flourish as the Dolphins' No. 1guy.


25 Tatum Bell RB Kevin Jones was also in the running back mix at thispoint.

26 Chad Johnson WR One of the top three wide receivers in the league.

27 Carson Palmer QB No concerns about his knee; he has looked great incamp.

28 Anquan Boldin WR A star who still plays like he has something toprove.

29 Eli Manning QB He has as many weapons to work with as big brotherPeyton.

30 Marvin Harrison WR Tempted by Randy Moss, but Peyton-to-Marvin is tooalluring.

31 Jamal Lewis RB Will have a nice comeback year playing in a new offensivescheme.

32 Reuben Droughns RB The lead back in a run-oriented offense.

33 Torry Holt WR Rarely gets hurt, always productive; big cog in ahigh-octane offense.

34 Antonio Gates TE Top seven WRs gone; smart to go to the best TE in thebiz.

35 Matt Hasselbeck QB If he doesn't throw for 3,800 yards, my name's TexMaule.

36 Randy Moss WR No sure thing anymore, but he's still mightydangerous.


48 Reggie Wayne WR The first of back-to-back no-brainers at widereceiver.

47 DeShaun Foster RB Injury history makes him a risky No. 2 back but asolid No. 3.

46 LenDale White RB A TD machine at USC. If he gets off on the right foot,watch out.

45 Ahman Green RB I needed a second RB badly, and Green's a machine whenhealthy.

44 Kevin Jones RB I expect him to become the new Marshall Faulk for MikeMartz.

43 Corey Dillon RB Argh! I wanted Roy Williams. I'll hope to grab Maroneylater.

42 Roy Williams WR I'm thrilled; he's going to thrive in Mike Martz'soffense.

41 Javon Walker WR Best available receiver; had been hoping for ChrisChambers.

40 Marc Bulger QB Looks like I'm banking on the Rams to have a goodseason.

39 Chris Chambers WR A steal. Remember Week 13 in '05 (15 catches, 238yards)?

38 Cedric Benson RB I don't like him, but he'll win the job--and LovieSmith loves to run.

37 Hines Ward WR No proven No. 2 means he'll pile up stats or bedouble-teamed to death.


49 Santana Moss WR He and Wayne were both among my top 10 wideouts.

50 Deuce McAllister RB Not too bad for my fourth-string back.

51 Todd Heap TE He needed a better QB to become an elite TE. Now he hasMcNair.

52 Drew Bledsoe QB Time to grab a QB to complement a solid core of backsand WRs.

53 Ron Dayne RB Can he win the job? Regretting the Fitzgerald pick evenmore.

54 Joseph Addai RB I just became a huge fan of the Colts--except forDominic Rhodes.

55 Jake Delhomme QB Always overlooked, always great value as amid-rounder.

56 Derrick Mason WR Should get his numbers with old teammate McNair.

57 Fred Taylor RB When healthy, he's a top back; praying he makes it toNovember.

58 Donovan McNabb QB Has averaged 23 TDs per 16 games over sevenyears.

59 Deion Branch WR I'm hoping the holdout keeps him fresh; he'll catch 80balls.

60 Tony Gonzalez TE Hard to pass up at this point, even considering '05 TDfalloff.


72 Thomas Jones RB I'm hoping he stays healthy and ends up playingsomewhere.

71 Joey Galloway WR Chris Simms loves throwing to this speedy veteran.

70 Braylon Edwards WR Was coming into his own when he blew out hisknee.

69 Joe Horn WR Hoping that a new quarterback can revive my No. 3 widereceiver.

68 DeAngelo Williams RB Supersub on a running team with a fragilestarter.

67 Andre Johnson WR He'll have a bounce-back year opposite EricMoulds.

66 Jeremy Shockey TE Usually picked too early; I feel good about him in thesixth round.

65 Alge Crumpler TE Vick's favorite target will be in the mix everyweek.

64 Plaxico Burress WR I need him to produce the way he did in the firsthalf of '05.

63 Darrell Jackson WR Battled injuries in '05, could star in '06. Goodvalue here.

62 Buccaneers D I'm just praying that the old guys on this unit can stayhealthy.

61 Donald Driver WR Favre flinging it around to my No. 3 wideout? I'll takethat.


73 Kurt Warner QB A former MVP who's again surrounded by All-Pro calibertalent.

74 Daunte Culpepper QB I hope that surgically repaired knee holds up.

75 Bears D As an ex-Chicagoan I had to jump on them; love their scoringpotential.

76 Frank Gore RB Thomas Jones was taken off the board, triggering a panicmove.

77 Drew Bennett WR Underrated wideout has good rapport with new QBVolek.

78 Jason Witten TE With T.O. there should be plenty of room to workunderneath.

79 T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR A lock for 1,000 yards if Carson Palmer'shealthy.

80 Muhsin Muhammad WR Either Grossman or Griese at QB helps him.

81 Randy McMichael TE Should have a great year with Culpepper running theshow.

82 Curtis Martin RB A risky pick; his recovery time remains uncertain.

83 Alex Smith TE He'll turn into Chris Simms's security blanket thisseason.

84 Drew Brees QB Has an iffy shoulder but also some decent weapons.


96 Jon Kitna QB Some potential stars around him and Mike Martz at thehelm.

95 Heath Miller TE I wanted Jason Witten, but Plan B from Pittsburgh willwork.

94 Byron Leftwich QB Benefits from the emergence of Reggie Williams andMatt Jones.

93 Chris Cooley TE Last year's second half suggests a first-tier TE, a coupthis late.

92 Dallas Clark TE Sundays are less fun if you don't have a Colt in yourlineup.

91 T.J. Duckett RB Note to T.J.: You're entering your contract year.

90 Michael Vick QB I'm not expecting monster numbers, but he's worth aneighth-round pick.

89 Laurence Maroney RB With starting slots filled, I gamble on longshots.

88 Lee Evans WR I'm a Badger and needed at least one; Losman is the keyhere.

87 Chris Brown RB Had to settle after big-time sleeper Jones was grabbed atNo. 86.

86 Matt Jones WR Big gamble; but Leftwich tells me he's going to be verymuch the man.

85 Dominic Rhodes RB Has been a 1,000-yard back before, and may hold offAddai.


97 Adam Vinatieri K No huge need elsewhere, so why not take the bestkicker?

98 Steve McNair QB He could skyrocket, along with Todd Heap and DerrickMason.

99 Laveranues Coles WR C-Mart's on the wane, so the Jets are going to throwa lot.

100 Rod Smith WR The old man's a good bet as long as Lelie remains aholdout.

101 Terry Glenn WR TDs will pile up as opponents concentrate on T.O.

102 Nate Burleson WR A bust in '05, he doesn't have to be the No. 1 WR inSeattle.

103 Brandon Lloyd WR Has the potential to have a big year under AlSaunders.

104 Reggie Brown WR I see myself using three WRs a lot with this team.

105 David Givens WR A few long balls in garbage time and I'm in goodshape.

106 Mike Anderson RB He's only a Jamal Lewis injury away fromstarting.

107 L.J. Smith TE I'll bet you a cheesesteak he leads the Eagles inreceptions.

108 Marion Barber RB Bill Parcells will give him his share of carries.


120 Vernon Davis TE I took a bit of a flyer here on the 49ers' promisingrookie.

119 Koren Robinson WR If he becomes the Vikings' go-to guy, I lookbrilliant.

118 Mike Vanderjagt K Forget that playoff miss; he'll thrive on Big D'sturf.

117 Steelers D No Randle El for kick returns, but solid sack and takeawaytotals.

116 Cedric Houston RB He'll see lots of carries even if Curtis Martinrecovers.

115 Ben Watson TE More two-TE sets means more catches for this WR in a TE'sbody.

114 Donte' Stallworth WR Will break out one of these years; I'm hoping thisis it.

113 Kellen Winslow TE Looks good in camp; will be Charlie Frye's toptarget.

112 Panthers D Getting the second-best defense in the 10th round was asteal.

111 Keenan McCardell WR Sure-handed target can still bust one long.

110 Neil Rackers K I wanted Vinatieri, but Rackers will lead the NFC inFGs.

109 Jake Plummer QB On my team, he makes for a good duo with Brees.


121 Mark Brunell QB Starting to stock up on old-timers in potentoffenses.

122 Shayne Graham K He was the second-best kicker on my board.

123 Ciatrick Fason RB As the Vikings turn to a ground attack, he can breakout.

124 Keyshawn Johnson WR He and T.O. will at least keep thingsinteresting.

125 Michael Bennett RB Nothing wrong with having LJ's understudy.

126 Aaron Brooks QB He has many weapons in case Manning (gasp!) getshurt.

127 Ashley Lelie WR I don't know where he'll end up--I do know he'llproduce.

128 Samkon Gado RB In case Ahman Green goes down; not thrilled with myRBs.

129 Trent Green QB Never expected him to go so late; puts up bignumbers.

130 Giants D This league rewards sacks, so I'll ride the Big Blue.

131 Vince Young QB Probably a stupid pick, but if I hit on this one, I hitit big.

132 Colts D Despite defections, Tony Dungy's crew gets the job done.


144 Broncos D This unit ranked third in scoring defense last season.

143 Jaguars D This bunch is solid, not great, but works well enoughhere.

142 Cedrick Wilson WR Takes over the No. 2 slot following Randle El'sdefection.

141 Michael Clayton WR Wanted Moulds; now must pray Clayton staysintact.

140 Eric Moulds WR A key cog in my run-and-shoot machine this season.

139 Ravens D With DT Haloti Ngata in the fold, Ray Lewis can again be RayLewis.

138 Redskins D I hope Andre Carter and Adam Archuleta make some bigplays.

137 Seahawks D Improved last season, plus they play the 49ers twice.

136 Chris Perry RB Insurance for Rudi; produces off the bench when notstarting.

135 Joe Jurevicius WR More than doubled his career high for TDs with 10last year.

134 Roddy White WR My guess is White will catch more passes than anyFalcon.

133 Jerramy Stevens TE Coming off career highs in catches, yards andTDs.


145 Ernest Wilford WR Should be No. 1 following Jimmy Smith'sretirement.

146 Greg Jones RB Chances are that Fred Taylor will get nicked up sooner orlater.

147 Chris Simms QB This is the year the lefty becomes a solid NFLstarter.

148 Jerry Porter WR He'll play somewhere; a steal even two rounds ago.

149 Philip Rivers QB Why was he still around? I love pairing Rivers withEli.

150 Eddie Kennison WR He's 33, but his last two years have been hisbest.

151 Antwaan Randle El WR Another Saunders pick; he can be agame-breaker.

152 Santonio Holmes WR Will be given a chance to flourish as a rookie.

153 Isaac Bruce WR Might as well corner the market on Rams widereceivers.

154 Amani Toomer WR Now I may have to start a home for aging wideouts.

155 Sinorice Moss WR Just a hunch; I'm betting on 10 touchdowns asWR-PR.

156 Antonio Bryant WR Had 1,000 yards in iffy Browns passing game.


168 Chad Jackson WR I expect him to emerge as Pats' No. 2 wideout.

167 Brad Johnson QB Serves only as an insurance policy for Culpepper andMcNair.

166 Lee Suggs RB If he gets his chances, he'll make the most of them.

165 Ben Roethlisberger QB A good backup even if he has an averageyear.

164 Zach Hilton TE Drew Brees likes tall tight ends. Gates is just6'4". Hilton is 6'8"!

163 Brandon Jacobs RB Tiki Barber's been hinting about sharing theload.

162 Jeff Reed K Should get more field goal opportunities with Jerome Bettisretired.

161 David Carr QB Looking for him to thrive under coach and QB guru GaryKubiak.

160 Jay Feely K Another hometown pick (by a New Yorker).

159 Ryan Moats RB Small (5'8") and speedy sub for oft-injuredWestbrook.

158 Brett Favre QB If he's still there in Round 14, you know I've gottahave him.

157 Duce Staley RB May replace Bettis as goal line back. Cheap TDs,anyone?


169 Billy Volek QB At times has shown the hot hand as a fill-in forMcNair.

170 Mark Clayton WR Will benefit from the focus on Heap and Mason.

171 Brandon Stokley WR I needed to hop on the Colts' gravy train.

172 David Akers K I'm happy to rotate kickers based on weeklymatchups.

173 Jason Elam K Major home field advantage equals 14th straight 100-pointyear.

174 Troy Williamson WR A talented wideout whom coaches want on thefield.

175 Reggie Williams WR Jimmy Smith's retirement means more catches.

176 Eric Parker WR Should have taken Lions RB Shawn Bryson here.

177 Marcedes Lewis TE In Round 15 it's O.K. to pick guys with coolnames.

178 Lawrence Tynes K Best Scottish kicker ever; K.C.'s always great forFGs.

179 Ben Troupe TE As imposing an offensive threat as I saw in my first weekof camps.

180 John Kasay K Cats have plenty of offense, giving Kasay plenty ofchances.


192 Marty Booker WR Upon further review, I needed another TE instead.

191 Charlie Frye QB I went with youth. You never know, this could payoff.

190 Jeb Putzier TE Middle-of-the-pack TE will benefit from Carr'smaturation.

189 Rex Grossman QB A Bears fan's pick; if he helps my fantasy squad, allthe better.

188 Patriots D With so many other options out there, they're on a shortleash.

187 Josh Brown K Hutchinson's gone, and lower red-zone success equals moreFGs.

186 Eagles D Disaster last year but should rebound with a bolsteredfront.

185 Ryan Longwell K The former Packer is now a dome guy with theVikings.

184 Jermaine Wiggins TE Fits well into a more conservative offense.

183 Eric Johnson TE Yale grad turns boos into Boola, Boolas as Smith'soutlet.

182 Wali Lundi RB Call me crazy, but I'm gambling that he wins the job byNov. 1.

181 Justin McCareins WR Rolling the dice that he develops into a topflightwideout.



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