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Q & A Drew Barrymore

The actress (Fever Pitch) costars in the upcoming poker drama Lucky You

Barrymore: So do I get a free football phone?

SI: I'll see what I can do.

Barrymore: I really want one. I like movies for boys even though I am inherently a woman. And I like anytime I can talk to SI. See, I called it SI.

SI: You just gained some cred around here. In Lucky You, you're the girlfriend of a poker pro, played by Eric Bana. How do you explain the recent poker boom?

Barrymore: You can be from anywhere. You can be a 16-year-old who plays on the Internet or Doyle Brunson or a woman from a small town or a mover and shaker, and everybody is accepted. There is a lack of discrimination. And, the fact that it's a lot about skill and yet there is a little luck involved.

SI: How often do you play?

Barrymore: I play with friends on the weekend. We break out pitchers of beer and play Texas hold 'em. I like any sport where you can drink beer.

SI: You lived in Boston during the filming of Fever Pitch, right?

Barrymore: Yeah, and it was amazing to watch a town that was so defined by the intensity of their team. The sort of grittiness all these people had--defeated, fatalistic, yet with so much hope.

SI: Who is the best athlete you know in Hollywood?

Barrymore: Cameron Diaz can do anything. She can kung fu. She can dance. She can play any sport. You point to a mountain, and three hours later she is waving from the top.

SI: Do you consider yourself athletic?

Barrymore: Not at all. Pisces are supposed to be athletic, but I'm much more interested in pizza and beer. I do work out and exercise to keep myself in shape. But this guy threw a football at me the other day, and I broke a nail and bent a finger back. I know. I'm pathetic.

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