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Barbarians At the Gate

On Aug. 23, anunidentified Blue Jays fan wearing baseball pants and a Toronto jersey (above)tried to sneak into the home dugout after a game at the Rogers Centre. It was aclever plan, but the would-be Jay isn't the year's most devious interloper. OnAug. 10, Ryan Leli, 18, of Long Island, flashed an NBC Sports I.D. card to getinto Shea Stadium. The stunt worked--until Leli, who faked the card with hiscomputer, asked Padres catcher Mike Piazza to pose for a picture. Leli wasejected from the clubhouse, and when he used his pass again eight days later,Shea security--and the police--were ready. He was charged with criminalimpersonation, trespassing and possession of a forged instrument. He faces upto seven years in jail ... and joins the list of sports' bestgate-crashers.

June 2006
After Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Miami, two unidentified women sneak into theMavericks' locker room with the media horde--and make a beeline for theshowers, where they allegedly snap pictures with their cellphones. Forward JoshHoward (right) chases them out, and security escorts them out of the building.Says Mavs guard Darrel Armstrong, "That might be the wildest situation Ihave ever seen."

During a home football win over San Diego State, two spirited--veryspirited--New Mexico fans sneak into the Lobos' locker room and grab twohelmets. Alas, the fans lack a solid exit strategy: They carry the helmets backto their seats, where police find them. One of the culprits hides a helmetbehind his back, but both men are arrested for theft.

August 2004
During the men's synchronized diving event at the Athens Olympics, RonBensimhon, a fan from Montreal, scampers out of the stands and dives off thethree-meter board. What gives him away as an intruder? His name isn't in theprogram ... and he's wearing a tutu and clown shoes. Bensimhon (left) isarrested and fined $3,225. "I wanted to have fun, but I never knew it wouldfinish like this," he says.

For a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live before Super Bowl XXXVIII, comedian Sal Iaconodons a Panthers jersey, sneaks into media day and says he's Carolina kickerJohn Kasay (right). Several reporters fall for the gag and lob questions athim. Asked by one what winning the Super Bowl would mean, "Kasay"answers, "It wouldn't mean too much because I already make more money thanyou guys."

Richard Stangler, 33, a fan at Busch Stadium, sneaks into the visitors' dugoutwhile the Cubs are taking BP and swipes one of Sammy Sosa's bats. Stanglerescapes into the stands--but leaves the bat in a seat while he buys a beer.Police track down Stangler and arrest him for theft. (His excuse: "Someonein a Cubs shirt" gave him the bat.) "If the guy had asked me," saysSosa (left), "I would have given it to him."