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Q&A William H. Macy

The 56-year-old actor (Fargo) is the voice of a pitcher in the animated film Everyone's Hero, which opens on Friday

SI: How big abaseball fan are you--really?

Macy: I getinterested in the playoffs. My biggest connection to baseball is I used to livein Wrigleyville. I had a house on Waveland Avenue.

SI: So do youroot for the Cubs?

Macy: I'm a Cubsfan, and I probably always will be. I think there's something about all thelosers I've played in my career that makes me believe that the Cubs sooner orlater will win the Series.

SI: What's yourfavorite sport?

Macy: My sportwould be boxing. I love watching boxing, and I've taken lessons.

SI: You must havea favorite fighter.

Macy: I got tomeet Muhammad Ali at Elton John's Oscar party, and it was one of the rare timesthat my skin tingled. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. I gotabout three or four minutes with him, and it was mostly a monologue. I justtold him how much he meant in my life.

SI: At GoddardCollege you studied acting under David Mamet. Did he have any Lombardi in himas a professor?

Macy: He was BillParcells. As tough as can be. You could not be late. Five minutes early waslate. He'd close the door at five of 10 and say, "If you think you can walkinto class at 10 o'clock and be ready to act, you have your head up yourass." He was tough as nails, and, boy, am I lucky. He gave us a work ethicthat is not common in this business.

SI: So you'veboxed and you've also competed in a triathlon. What else you do want totackle?

Macy: My daughteris starting soccer next year, so I'll be a soccer dad. I'd love to learn thegame well enough to coach. Call Pelé. Tell him we need to talk.

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