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SI Update


Duke Lacrosse

SI, June 26,2006

Succisa Virescit.That's the new motto of the Duke lacrosse team, which returned to the fieldlast week for the first time since March 27, the day before the school canceledthe remainder of last season in the wake of a woman's accusation that she wassexually assaulted by three players. The phrase, which was visible on shirtsworn by members of the coaching staff, is Latin for Cut down, it grows again."Last season obviously got cut short," said senior captain MattDanowski. "I think we realize what a privilege it is and how much weactually miss and love playing lacrosse, so it's pretty fitting forus."

In July,Danowski's father, John, the longtime coach at Hofstra, was hired to run theBlue Devils' program. His first practice, at 7:15 a.m. on Sept. 4, attractedabout two dozen media members. Danowski (above, with his son) has nearlyfinished the schedule for his team, which was in the top five last season. Thefirst game will be in February, and it's possible that the trial of the threeplayers--who are not on the team--will begin during the season. "While Iguess it's in the back of your mind, it's still something where you moveforward," said John Danowski.