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NBA journeymanDoug Christie's wife, Jackie, knows she has an image problem; that's whathappens when you're known for exchanging I-love-you hand signals with yourhusband during games and fighting one of his opponents (Lakers forward RickFox). But the couple (below) insists Jackie isn't a pugilistic control freak,and they hope their reality show will prove it. The 18 episodes of Committed:The Christies, which premieres on the BET "J" network on Oct. 5, willbe culled from two years of shooting that continued after Doug was cut by theMavericks last season. (He hopes to find another NBA job this year.) "We'rejust a traditional couple," says Jackie. She does admit that she'll coverher eyes for one airport incident certain to make the show. "I wasoverreacting to something," she says. "And it could end up being prettyembarrassing."

•Chad Johnsonwill dance again, and there's nothing the NFL can do about it. As grand marshalof Cincinnati's Oktoberfest--the world's second largest, after Munich's--theBengals' wideout will lead a crowd of 500,000 in the annual World's LargestChicken Dance on Saturday. There's one problem: Johnson never read the fineprint in his contract and, until last week, didn't know about the dance.("Oh, my goodness," he gasped when informed by a reporter.) It's toolate for Johnson to renege. Fest organizers have named a signature dish in hishonor: the Chad Johnson Cream Puff.

•Jack Nicholsondons a Red Sox cap for no one, not even Martin Scorsese. During filming of theBoston-based drama The Departed (in theaters on Oct. 6), the seven-timeOscar-nominated director asked the three-time Oscar-winning actor to wear aBoston hat for his role as a Beantown mob boss. Alas, Nicholson (right), whowas born in New York City and raised in Neptune, N.J., is a Yankees fan--helikes Jason Giambi, whom he calls "my kind of biker guy"--and insistedon wearing New York headgear instead. Scorsese relented, and Nicholson's wifein the movie (played by Kristen Dalton) sports a Sox chapeau. The implication,says Nicholson: "Domestic conflict."

•When Dwayne (theRock) Johnson landed the role of juvi football coach Sean Porter in GridironGang (out on Sept. 15), he knew he wouldn't have trouble getting intocharacter. "I drew from all of the greats I've played under," saysJohnson, who was a defensive lineman for two years at Miami. "[FormerHurricanes staffers] Dennis Erickson, Greg Marks and Tommy Tuberville--Iborrowed from their intensity and their passion." At the L.A. premiere onSept. 5 Johnson huddled with one more coach: USC's Pete Carroll, who showed upthree days after a win over unranked Arkansas. Johnson, whose alma mater hadlost to Florida State the night before, questioned Carroll about the Trojans'soft scheduling. "When you're [Miami], you choose to play Florida StateWeek 1 every year," Johnson says. "But who did Pete pick?Weak."


No wonder Lindsay Davenport is one of the most popularplayers in women's tennis: She has a big serve, a big return, a big heart ...and, apparently, a very big autograph. Davenport signed oversized souvenirballs after her fourth-round win over Patty Schnyder at the U.S. Open, two daysbefore she was eliminated by Justine Henin-Hardenne in the quarterfinals.Davenport, 30, fell short of winning her fourth major, then downplayedspeculation that this will be her last Open, saying she wasn't sure if she'dretire.


A Scottish man has vowed to eat only foods that aregreen and white, the colors of his favorite soccer team, Celtic.

They Said It

KRIS MANGUM, Panthers tight end, after coach John Foxannounced that Mangum would be the team's third quarterback:

"I think it gives everybody extra incentive toblock good."