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Q&A Marshall Faulk

The seven-time Pro Bowl running back, 33, is an analyst for the NFL Network as he rehabs his knee

SI: Do you expectto play next season?

Faulk: If I can getmyself healthy, without a doubt.

SI: You'recommenting on players you could face again--or play alongside. Do you strugglewith how critical you should be?

Faulk: I don't eventhink about. I feel like I'm honest. If they have a problem with what I'msaying, then obviously they are not doing their job.

SI: You visited theSaints' practice facility in August to meet with Reggie Bush. What did you tellhim?

Faulk: We talkedfootball. There is different terminology going from college to the pros. It'soften the same plays, but different terminology. As a player I can helpsimplify it. I wanted to give him simple pointers to make the game easier.

SI: Reggie used tosit in the stands at San Diego State football games and watch you. Did he tellyou that?

Faulk: We talkedabout that once before. That was amusing, but he didn't have to tell me that tomake me feel old. I'm old. I know I'm old.

SI: One of your oldcoaches, Dick Vermeil, has also taken a broadcasting job this year. Is hisreputation as a great pregame and halftime motivator deserved?

Faulk: To behonest, I really don't know [laughs]. I never paid attention to his talk athalftime. Once the offensive coordinator gave us the game plan, I didn't needto be motivated. I was self-motivated, so I didn't listen.

SI: If you'reunable to return from this knee injury, how difficult will that be toaccept?

Faulk: If my lastgame was the game last January against the Cowboys in Texas Stadium, then so beit. I don't look back. I played more downs than most men will ever get toplay.

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