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On his TVviewing

I'm a sucker forreality TV. I'll sit on the couch with the clicker in my hand and watch realityshows. I started with The Real World, and now I watch just about anything withpeople playing real roles. I like that football show about Hoover High[Two-A-Days], and I love Laguna Beach. I am so embarrassed I told you that.

On surviving a BillParcells NFL training camp

One day feels likethree. A week feels like a month. You're sore. It never goes away. You'realways sore.

On the day-to-dayrazzing he takes from Parcells

It's not just me.It's all the backs. Like, if he doesn't think we're hitting it up in the holehard enough on a running drill, he says stuff like, "Take off the highheels.... You got three-inch heels today or five? ... What color lipstick youwearing?" He keeps it interesting.

On being inParcells's doghouse as a rookie in 2004

We're playing a[preseason] game, and I feel a pop in my ribs. I've got a burning sensation. Ican't breathe. Literally. So I come out. He says, "What are you doing?"I say, "Can't breathe, Coach." He says, "Get back in there." Igo back, make a block, and it's killing me. But I knew what he was doing. Hewas testing me. Like the time he said to me, "I'm going to send you home. Idon't care how high we picked you." He didn't send me home, but I got themessage: Work harder.

On his year'ssuspension from Notre Dame for academic reasons

That slapped me inthe face. When that happens, you can say one of two things: "Screw NotreDame. I hate this place" or, "It's my fault. I'm gonna fix it."That's what I did. I went to Arizona to live with my brother [Thomas Jones,then a Cardinals running back, now with the Bears], and I took two courses eachsemester [at Arizona State]. That year made me a man. I had to grow up.

On Emmitt Smith,whom he was drafted to replace

I met him at aMavericks game, and we exchanged phone numbers. He told me to call to pick hisbrain on everything, which I will do--but not until he finishes with Dancingwith the Stars. He's damn good on that, isn't he?

On growing up withfive sisters, including his twin sister, Knetris

I know how to treatwomen. I know how to share a bathroom.

On his hardestcollision

Rookie year,fourth-and-two, I slammed into [then Cleveland DE] Ebenezer Ekuban. I broke myshoulder. My arm went limp. It was numb. I remember the hit, and the pain, likeit was yesterday. I stayed out there maybe four more plays, running around withone arm and intense pain. I didn't want to come out of the game and face BillParcells.



Photograph by Darren Carroll