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October 16, 2006 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

SI Golf

Shivas Lives

At the First Annual Deepak Chopra/ World Business Academy/Golf In the Kingdom Invitational

By Austin Murphy

Lone Regret

Thirty-two years after the incident, Jack Nicklaus wonders if there's a blemish on his spotless career

By Michael Bamberger

Feeling Finer

Davis Love brings it home in Carolina

By Jim Gorant

Big Play with Tom Patri

By Tom Patri

The Pepper Mill

By Dottie Pepper

Finishing Touch

Alas, that rite of autumn, the Tour's Fall Finish, is history

By Kevin Cook

SI Bonus Section: SI Fantasy Plus

Inside Cover Description

Get 'Em Now

With the season-ending playoffs (and frozen fields) in mind, it's time to start wheeling and dealing to bolster your roster. Here are the players you should lock in on--before your opponents do

By Gene Menez

Start 'Em


By David Sabino

Sit 'Em


5 Minute Fantasy

By Gene Menez

Need to Know

By David Sabino

Air and Space

Swinging Brickbats

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field

Chad Johnson

Bengals Wide Receiver

As told to Michael Silver

Who's Hot / Who's Not

The Questions with Chris Duncan

Cardinals Leftfielder

Are You Talkin' to Me?

True tales from the similarly named

By Ben Reiter

The Pop Culture Grid

Saying Uncle

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor credits his success to hare-raising workouts and the man who devised them

By Ben Reiter

Eight Ball

Where populations are low, small-scale football is big

By Andrew Lawrence

A Perfect Game

Deaf students find bowling lets them compete on equal terms

By Kevin Armstrong

Bad Sport?

Football coach is suspended for running up the score

By Bill Syken


Blown Away

The young Tigers pitchers dominated the Yankees with 100-mph heat, and the A's power arms polished off the Twins. Now they are squaring off in a most unexpected ALCS showdown

By Tom Verducci

Patience, Please

At bat and on the mound the Tigers and the A's have many similarities, but a tight series will turn on plate discipline

By Joe Sheehan

Big Red: Not Dead

Just as suddenly as they nearly squandered a huge lead in the season's final weeks, the Cardinals turned things around in the NLDS. But they'll have to beat the Mets to impress their fans

By Michael Farber

Pitched Battle

Chris Carpenter gives the Cards' rotation an edge, but will it be enough to stop the hard-hitting Mets and their rested bullpen?

By Nate Silver

London Calling

They said Jay DeMerit, a kid from Green Bay, didn't have what it takes to play professional soccer in America. So he went to England. England? Yes, and now he's a bloomin' favorite

By Grant Wahl

Pass Happy

On a Chicago Bears team known for bruising defense, the emergence of quarterback Rex Grossman may be the final piece in their Super Bowl puzzle

By Tim Layden

Battle of the South

With six teams in the Top 25 and more speed and NFL prospects than anyone else, the SEC is the best, toughest, wildest conference in the land. But can any of its members survive to reach the national title game?

By Phil Taylor

The Pigs Are Flying

A tandem of tailbacks helped Arkansas upset No. 2 Auburn and take control of the SEC West

By Austin Murphy

Second-Half Outlook

By Phil Taylor

Stewart Mandel's Two-Minute Drill

Sizing up the first halfof the 2006 season

By Stewart Mandel


Inside: The Week In Sports


By Jeffri Chadiha

BUSH'S BREAKOUT: Real Saviors Don't Swear

By Michael Silver

Peter King's Corner

By Peter King

LAVAR ARRINGTON: Reduced Expectations

By Jeffri Chadiha

Dr. Z's Forecast: Suddenly St. Louis

By Paul Zimmerman

Motor Sports

By Lars Anderson

Life of Reilly

Trumpeting the Father of the Year

By Rick Reilly


Inside Cover Description

Leading Off


Bronx Bummers

Can the Boss be shocked the season ended in 'sad failure'? For Yankees fans and haters alike, a traipse through the bad karma could be cathartic

For the Record

Head Games

Just four months after brain surgery, a Duke soccer player returns to the pitch

By David Epstein

A Brief History Of Bad Ideas

Q & A: Vernon Wells

The Blue Jays' All-Star outfielder, 27, was a postseason analyst for ESPN's Baseball Tonight

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

SI Update

Faces in the Crowd