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LAVAR ARRINGTON: Reduced Expectations

Giants outsidelinebacker LaVar Arrington stood out for the first time this season, when hebatted a third-quarter pass from Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell in NewYork's 19--3 win on Sunday. Beyond that, however, Arrington made only one solotackle against his old team and has a grand total of 13 tackles in four games—adisappointing start to his first season in New York.

The chief issueis Arrington's gimpy right knee, a lingering condition that the Giants thoughtthey could treat when they signed him to a seven year, $49 million free-agentdeal in the off-season. As part of the management program for the knee, whichArrington injured early in the 2004 season, he sits out at least one practice aweek.

On game day hestruggles to get into the flow of the action, and even his coaches acknowledgethat his skills have declined. Asked if Arrington, the second pick of the 2000draft, is still the player who was voted to the Pro Bowl three times withWashington, Giants linebackers coach Bill Sheridan said, "Probablynot." Arrington, however, remains optimistic. "I'm getting ontrack," he said after the game on Sunday. "I felt like myself outthere. It might not show in the stat column, but I'm getting better."




Arrington (55), long suffering from a balky knee, hasn't made a Giant impact.