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Peter King's Corner

In their 27--14 victory over the Falcons on Sunday, the Giants provided a blueprint for playing Mike Vick: Fight fire with fire. "You've got to be disciplined and stay in your lanes as a defense," Giants end Michael Strahan said after the game. "But if anything, you have to be aggressive playing him. I'm surprised, watching good defenses like Carolina and Tampa Bay sitting back, just waiting to see what Vick does and trying to contain him. You have to attack him." Though Vick had a 22-yard second-quarter TD run, in Atlanta's five second-half series he was sacked three times for 24 yards, ran twice for seven yards and completed five of 10 passes for 51 yards. The seven-sack game left Vick woozy, and he'll be a lot woozier if the Steelers, coming up on Sunday, go to school on the Giants' unintimidated approach to Vick.

The biggest overachiever among multipurpose offensive players? Miami's Wes Welker. Playing behind more notable pass-catchers Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael, Welker leads the Dolphins in receiving stats. Here's how the undrafted, third-year man (left) stacks up.

if they don't like our players." Upshaw and league officials have talked about ratcheting up the discipline and counseling of wayward players. Look for the NFL this season to increase the $20,000 fine for first-time convictions on certain offenses and to beef up its counseling programs.

1 The Philip Rivers naysayers are clamming up. He leads the AFC in passer rating (100.6), is more accurate than Carson Palmer or Peyton Manning, has more passing yards than Tom Brady and more touchdown passes than Ben Roethlisberger.

2 The top three picks in just about every fantasy draft—Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson and LaDainian Tomlinson—rank 37th (tied), 22rd and 12th, respectively, among NFL rushers.

3 The glory in Tennessee's stunning 25--22 win at Washington will go to Vince Young for getting his first victory as a pro. But it should go to sixth-year pro Travis Henry, who was tough, driven and brilliant in a career-best day.

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