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Pierre McGuire's In the Crease

Thrashers coach Bob Hartley blundered last Thursday in a 3--2 shootout loss to the Flyers when he replaced Johan Hedberg with his top goalie, Kari Lehtonen, after OT. The outcome aside, Hartley risked potential injury to Lehtonen, who came in cold, and slighted Hedberg, who was 4--0 in shootouts for the Stars last year.... Montreal left wing Chris Higgins and defenseman Mike Komisarek (above) have improved their strength and quickness with yoga. Higgins (23 goals last season) had six goals through Sunday, and Komisarek's ice time has shot up from 14:40 to 20:25.... The poster boy for the new NHL is Ducks rookie Ryan Shannon: a 5'7", 175-pound blur who would not be in the league were there not a premium on skill and speed.