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Leading Off



In 1989 he ledMichigan into a game against Ohio State for the final time and won 28--18,lifting his record to 11-9-1 as the Wolverines' coach in that rivalry. LastFriday, less than 28 hours before second-ranked Michigan faced the No. 1Buckeyes in Columbus, Schembechler died of heart failure (page 46).

Kick Start

USC placekickerMario Danelo (19), holder Michael McDonald (16) and long snapper Will Collins(50) needed tunnel vision to reach the field for their game against No. 17 Calat the Los Angeles Coliseum last Saturday. The third-ranked Trojans prevailed23--9 to remain in the national title hunt.


Colts receiverMarvin Harrison and Cowboys linebacker Bradie James both had their eyes on theprize after Harrison's first-quarter fumble in Dallas on Sunday. The Cowboysrecovered the loose ball and went on to win 21--14, ending Indianapolis's bidfor an undefeated season (page 76).

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Photograph by Sam Abell


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Photograph by Mike Stone/Reuters