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Leading Off

Code Blue

UCLA sophomore quarterback Patrick Cowan scampered 29 yards down the Rose Bowl sideline in the first quarter, one of his many key plays in the Bruins' 13--9 upset of No. 2 Southern Cal last Saturday. The victory—UCLA's first in eight games against its archrival—killed the Trojans' hopes of a BCS title-game invitation (page 76).

Double Teams

The Cavaliers found 7'6" Rockets center Yao Ming too much—or, upon reflection, two much—last Saturday in Houston. Yao scored a game-high 24 points to help defeat Cleveland 81--63.


Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy of Vietnam kicks off a point against China in their Sepak Takraw match last Saturday at the Asia Games in Doha, Qatar. Sepak Takraw is played with a ball made of rattan under rules similar to volleyball, but players aren't allowed to use their hands. On Sunday, South Korea (in white) and Thailand squared off in the men's draw (inset).

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Photograph by Peter Read Miller


Photograph by Greg Nelson


Photographs by Bob Martin