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Q&A Jackie Earle Haley

The 45-year-old actor (The Bad News Bears, Breaking Away) costars in Little Children

SI: Do people still call you Kelly after your Bad News Bears character, Kelly Leak?

Haley: It's usually a friend, and for some reason they'll say, 'Hey, Kelly,' and I'll say, 'Yeah' and just let it go [laughs].

SI: Could your Bad News Bears costar Tatum O'Neal really pitch?

Haley: Not really, and that's O.K. because I couldn't hit. You know how I hit all those home runs? I'd swing as hard as I could and the ball would doof into second base. Then they would turn the camera around and throw the ball over the fence.

SI: You're being touted as an Oscar contender for your role as a convicted sex offender in Little Children. After more than a decade away from acting, this must be strange.

Haley: For so many years it seemed impossible to get back into acting. It's wonderfully validating to hear this.

SI: Among the odd jobs you did after acting were limo driving, security and delivering pizzas, right?

Haley: I was having a difficult time making a living. There was a period when I made some of my living as an actor doing some lame stuff. Then I started to have to do other things.

SI: What did you think of last year's Bears remake?

Haley: Part of me wanted to hate it. These guys are messing with your movie. So I went and saw it—and I loved it.

SI: And how about the Bears sequels?

Haley: The second one was a pretty good summer fun film. The third one was almost as good as another movie I did: Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence.

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