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The Beat

Tom Brady, whosplit from actress Bridget Moynahan last month, didn't stay single for long: Itappears he and Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bündchen are an item. Accordingto the Boston Herald, Bündchen was at the Chargers-Patriots divisional playoffgame as a guest of New England owner Robert Kraft (along with comedian DaneCook) and was waiting outside the Patriots' locker room after the game. IfBrady and Bündchen are dating, it shouldn't be a surprise. In 2005 the modeldescribed Brady as "definitely not too shabby. He's pretty cute." In alater interview Brady said that he felt the same about Bündchen (below).

• The Galaxy'snew star hasn't even made his way to L.A., and at least one insider says DavidBeckham is already thinking of the next step. Designer Giorgio Armani, whobefriended Beckham and his wife, Victoria, at the Tom Cruise--Katie Holmeswedding in November, speculated that Beckham "wants to be an actor, not afootballer.... [David] is a very handsome man, and his soccer career could benearing an end." If Becks wants a role, one star might be willing to givehim a shot. Sylvester Stallone said, "I haven't met him yet, but I mightjust put him in my next Rambo film and chase him around the jungle for a coupleof months."

• "SometimesI like to put one sugar in my coffee to make it slightly sweeter. [Yourperformance] was the equivalent of putting 11 spoonfuls in.... A bit over thetop." That was American Idol judge Simon Cowell's take last week when17-year-old Jordin Sparks, whose father, Phillippi, spent nine years as aGiants and Cowboys cornerback, auditioned for the show. (She sang Celine Dion'sBecause You Loved Me.) Judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson disagreed: Jacksonsaid Sparks was "the bomb," and she advanced to the second round.

• If Super Bowlads are any gauge, then Kevin Federline is in, and his soon to be ex wife,Britney Spears, is so regular season. Federline will star in a spot forNationwide Mutual Insurance Co., whose "Life comes at you fast"campaign has previously featured has beens like M.C. Hammer and Fabio. Spears,however, was thanks-but-no-thanksed by the league when she asked to appear inan NFL Network commercial built around a fictional Super Bowl party thrown byBengals receiver Chad Johnson. Among the celebs who made the cut for that one:LL Cool J, the country band Rascal Flatts and Martha Stewart.... Another SuperSunday spot will feature a marriage proposal from an anonymous West Coastthirty-something guy. Known for now simply as J.P., he raised $75,000 in onlinedonations and convinced a still-unnamed advertiser to foot the rest of his $2.5million airtime fee. "Of those who have seen [the commercial], there wasn'ta dry eye," says J.P.'s spokesman, Jamie O'Donnell. "If she doesn'tmarry him, I will."


A Chicago woman had labor induced three days early soher husband could attend the NFC Championship Game.


Edmonton's Matt Greene possesses many gifts: He's asolid checker, he's got a strong wrist shot and he does wicked impersonationsof 1940s movie stars. He showed his best Claude Rains last Thursday during afight with Anaheim's Travis Moen. Actually, Greene wished he could have been aninvisible man after Moen knocked his helmet off. Greene got the last laugh,however. The Oilers won 4--1.

They Said It

DON NELSON, Warriors coach, explaining his confusionover G.M. Chris Mullin's signing of guard Kelenna Azubuike:
"Mully called me on New Year's Eve and asked me if I liked sambuca, and Isaid, 'Yeah.' ... I thought it was a drink, and he was talking about aplayer."