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Gator Glory

I was surprisedwhen you did not feature Florida on one of your college football preview's sixregional covers: We all know the success that Urban Meyer has had in his secondseasons at previous jobs. After Florida's win (Urban Renewal, Jan. 15),however, I realized the SI jinx is still alive and kicking. Thanks for leavingoff the Gators!
Eric Fabian, Ocala, Fla.

So if Floridabeat "The Best. Period," as you called Ohio State on your Nov. 27cover, does that mean the Gators are now "The Best. ExclamationPoint"?
Daniel Stallsmith, Huntersville, N.C.

I have one regretabout Florida's victory: Afterward I didn't get to see the looks on the facesof everyone who said the Gators didn't deserve to be in the title game.
Pat Leonard, Bronx, N.Y.

Am I the only oneto appreciate the wonderful irony of the Ohio State marching band's depictionof the sinking Titanic during their halftime show?
Al Anderson, Columbia, S.C.

Your storycorrectly observed that instead of blitzing, "the Gators were helped byOhio State's bullheaded determination to stay in its base defense." Youcould have also stated that despite early success on the ground, the Buckeyesabandoned the run with plenty of time left in the game. With coaching like thisanyone could have defeated Ohio State, and anyone did.
Paul Szymanowski, Curtice, Ohio

Florida's secretweapon was its color scheme—at University of Phoenix Stadium, blue and orangealways trumps red. Witness Boise State's victory over Oklahoma in the FiestaBowl, a week before Florida beat Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game. Andin the previous game played at that stadium, two weeks before the Fiesta Bowl,the Denver Broncos won their game against the Arizona Cardinals.
Ted Hansen, Gilbert, Ariz.

Tin Cup

PGA Tourcommissioner Tim Finchem, in his foolish crusade to create the hype garnered byother sports and their playoff chases with his FedEx Cup (The New Rules, Jan.15), has forgotten the true essence of professional golf. Unlike other sports,golf isn't primarily about a season; it is about the event at hand. Hispredecessors capitalized on the major tournaments, which were neither createdfor—or became great because—they were part of a season.
Marc Svendsen, Littleton, Colo.

Crossing aLine?

Your article onCatholic Memorial hockey coach Bill Hanson (HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS, Jan. 15)reminded me of my own high school hockey coach who, like Hanson, was tough,successful, adored by former players and was employed by a school that"educated the entire kid." There, alas, the similarities end. My coachwasn't above raising his voice on occasion, but profanity never passed his lipsin our presence. And my coach certainly never threw one of his athletes"against the glass," or challenged any of us to a fight. These are theacts of a thug, not a teacher.
Mark de Regt, Redmond, Wash.

Math Problems

It was nice tosee Philip Rivers's passion for math (PLAYERS, Jan. 15), which he attributed tohis mother: "Me and her, we had a blast doing calculus stuff." Maybe heshould have paid a little more attention to grammar.
Larry Lasseter, Brea, Calif.

I enjoyed yourstory on Philip Rivers. I'm fairly certain Rivers can solve the equation in thephoto, Y=LT. As everyone is aware, Y=MVP.
Steve Guarino, Lincoln, R.I.

A Wrestler'sTale

Thank you, RickReilly, for your column on wrestler Corey Detwiler (LIFE OF REILLY, Jan. 15).It reminded us that there are more important things in life than sports, andalso that sports can be a great healing agent.
Donna Mulqueen, Glenmoore, Pa.

Too oftensportswriters will call a team or player "bipolar" or"schizophrenic." Maybe now people will see the effects of these dreadedillnesses and stop using these terms so callously.
Russell Patterson, Tyler, Texas

Why were theretwo firearms in the house of a man suffering from depression and bipolardisorder?
Marc-Andre Filion, St. Jerome, Que.


The Sign of theApocalypse that you ran about the Gator Bowl incident involving a West Virginiafan in the Georgia Tech band seating area (Scorecard, Jan. 15) was false andbased on an Internet hoax. I attended the Gator Bowl and was pleased to watchour beloved Mountaineers finally win after many unsuccessful attempts. I wasfurther proud to witness great sportsmanship from fans for both teams whenexiting the stadium. Please don't ruin this experience for our fans and ourstate.
Tammy Estrada, Savannah, West Virginia class of 1992

EDITORS NOTE: SIregrets the error.

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