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Leading Off

Pour Excuse
A steady rain during Super Bowl XLI on Sunday lent a water-color effect to Dolphin Stadium in Miami—and made conditions particularly tough for Bears quarterback Rex Grossman (LIFE OF REILLY, page 78), who fumbled twice and threw a pair of interceptions.

Glory Rhodes
After his one-yard touchdown run put Indianapolis up 16--14 in the second quarter, Dominic Rhodes (33) celebrated with tight end Ben Utecht (86) and friends. Chicago never regained the lead, while Rhodes finished with a game-high 113 yards on 21 carries (page 42).

In the Saddle
The Colts punctuated their 29--17 victory over the Bears by giving a well-deserved ride to 51-year-old Tony Dungy, who became the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl (page 46).

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Photograph by Bob Rosato


Photograph by John W. McDonough