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No Run-of-the-Millrose

Jersey girl repeats her feat at Madison Square Garden

DANIELLE TAURObegan her Friday as if it were one serious day of playing hooky. The senior atSouthern Regional High in Manahawkin, N.J., slept in, then hung out in sweatsand watched reruns of The Real World. But when Tauro (left) got off the couch,she didn't mess around, heading to Madison Square Garden, where she won thegirls' high school mile at the Millrose Games for the second straight year. TheMichigan-bound Tauro led for most of the race, winning in 4:52.81, actually asecond off her 2006 pace.

Tauro ran with ateammate, sophomore Jillian Smith, making hers the only school with two runnerswho were invited to compete. Smith finished fourth, at 4:54.35. "I've comea long way since sophomore year," said Tauro, who finished fifth back then."Now watch out for Jillian."