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Q&A Kelly Clarkson

The American Idol champ is a NASCAR spokesperson

SI: You had never been to a Nextel Cup race until last year. Why did NASCAR choose you?

Clarkson: It's the All-American thing. Everybody puts me with the All American idea. That means we have a lot of weird Americans [laughs].

SI: You took a ride at Daytona with Jimmie Johnson?

Clarkson: We were in a Monte Carlo. I didn't scream or anything, but my knees and arms were clinching up toward my chest.

SI: Did he tell you how fast you were going?

Clarkson: I told him not to.

SI: You can trade places with one athlete—who is it?

Clarkson: Serena Williams. She is so kick-ass. I love her because she is not bone-skinny. She is a woman.

SI: A tabloid reported that you were dating Dale Earnhardt Jr. Want to end that rumor?

Clarkson: We met last year at California Speedway for literally 2.2 seconds, and we ran into each other at Daytona. I said, Hey, boyfriend, what's going on? He hadn't heard of it.

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