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THE FOLKS at PBSmay not return their calls, but Eddie October and Al Berman, the producers whogave us Tommy Lee Goes to College, think they have a sure TV winner with thePillow Fight League, a WWE-like circuit on which women with stage names likeUrsula Anvil, Betty Clock'er and Eiffel Power (below) try to knock each otherout with sacks of feathers. Says October, who will begin negotiations withnetworks next week, "I'm gay, and even I know that girls pillow fighting issexy." ... Larry David can't curb his enthusiasm for the Jets. The Seinfeldcreator, who was raised in Brooklyn, met with G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and coachEric Mangini in L.A. last week to make some suggestions before the NFL draft.The team won't say what advice he offered, but it should take it seriously.Last year David suggested to Jets brass that they draft Vince Young, who endedup winning the rookie of the year award with the Titans.... Try to actsurprised: Will Ferrell has another sports project. Ferrell, whose Blades ofGlory topped the box office in its first two weekends, is producing a comedypilot for HBO about a washed-up big leaguer who can only find work as asubstitute gym teacher.

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