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Q&A Keith Olbermann

The MSNBC host is joining NBC's Football Night in America

SI: The Worst Person in Sports is ...

Olbermann: At the moment it has to be Barry Bonds. See if this sounds familiar: He got all of us into this no-win situation under false pretenses.

SI: Will you be apolitical on this show?

Olbermann: You will see exactly as much pure politics in Football Night in America as you did last year.

SI: How often do you Google yourself?

Olbermann: I will confess that there is a bookmark for that. I probably do it once a day. There is a lot of stuff out there that is completely untrue. You have to know what is out there and whether you should call a lawyer.

SI: Is Tony Kornheiser good on Monday Night Football?

Olbermann: I think it is a little forced. I have been proposed for that role in other booths—the provocateur, the entertainment guy. It did not work with Dennis Miller, and I don't know that it will work with anyone else.

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