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Off Course
The men who run Augusta National finally succeeded in having the course make the world's best golfers look bad instead of vice versa (Master of the Elements, April 16). In the process they hosted the worst Masters ever. Congrats, gentlemen, on the Pyrrhic victory. Now go out and play your own course—that I'd pay to see!
Scott Overholt, Philadelphia

If Lee Westwood and other golfers have to whine about the conditions at Augusta, they shouldn't go back. It is not supposed to be easy. If they had the intestinal fortitude of Zach Johnson, maybe they would have a chance.
Ken Jones, Colleyville, Texas

Johnson should have been honored on your cover for doing something that I can only dream of doing (winning the Masters), rather than Tiger Woods's being on there for doing something that I do every weekend (wrap my club around a tree)!
Michael Petrane, Rocky Hill, N.J.

I enjoyed Alan Shipnuck's piece on Zach Johnson and, actually, loved the entire issue—all the fun of seeing my name on your cover without having to do any of the work. Here's to continued success in Zach Johnson's career!
Zach Johnson, Grand Haven, Mich.

The masses watch golf because of Woods. This fan watches golf to see the Zach Johnsons of the world live their dreams with grace and class.
Ryan Gatzlaff, Houston, Minn.

Champs with Heart
As a follow-up to your story on the magnificent run through the Frozen Four by the Michigan State hockey team (No Small Feat, April 16), you should know that these Spartans are champions off the ice as well. After visiting the pediatric floor at a hospital earlier this season, several players befriended 14-year-old hockey player Brandon Gordon, who had been diagnosed with cancer in March. During the parade that was held for the team through East Lansing, Michigan State players saw Brandon on the route, took him out of his wheelchair and had him join them in the celebration. That is what true champions are made of.
Christopher Nelson, Dewitt, Mich.

Sabre Nation Grows
I was happy to see a story about Buffalo Sabres center Chris Drury, one of the best people in all of sports (The Winner, April 16). He played here in Colorado from 1998 to 2002, and I have enjoyed watching him mature throughout his career. I am one Colorado Avalanche fan who is pulling for Buffalo this year in a big way!
Ryan Sethre, Denver

Since the Penguins were eliminated by the Senators, I have struggled to find a team to root for. Thanks to your article about Drury and Buffalo, I have dug out my old number 11 Gilbert Perreault sweater and am ready to back the Sabres in their quest for the Cup.
Joe Dykta, North Huntingdon, Pa.

Seeing as Blackhawks hockey has been dead for years, I have neither attended nor watched an NHL game in quite a while. I knew nothing about Drury until reading your article. What a refreshing story! And to make it even better, a Chicago sports fan has another number 23 to cheer on. Way to go, Chris! Go, Sabres!
Dan Serafini, Grayslake, Ill.

Marked Man
I wish the media would stop bugging Mark Martin to come back full time (INSIDE NASCAR, April 23). Instead, more attention should be paid to Michael Waltrip's downward spiral (INSIDE NASCAR, April 30). He can't even drive his own car without problems, let alone put a competitive car on the track.
Drew Stock, Knoxville

Barry's Place
Reader Carl Barrington asked "Where's Barry?" about the cover of your baseball preview (Letters, April 16). Bonds was exactly where he should be. We celebrate enough crooked people in our culture. When his record-setting home run ball hits McCovey Cove, let's hope that the world issues a collective "ho-hum."
Bruce McPhee, West Yarmouth, Mass.

Eddie Robinson
The intensity of the Grambling athlete at the left center of your photo (PLAYERS, April 16) as he tried to grasp every ounce of knowledge and leadership he could from Eddie Robinson tells me all I need to know about what a remarkable coach and man Robinson must have been. His family should be proud of the tremendous number of athletes he affected.
Dan A. Boone, Concord, N.C.

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GRAMBLING'S MAN Robinson coached the Tigers to 408 wins in 55 seasons.



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