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Q & A Eric Bana

The actor (Munich) stars as a poker player in Lucky You

SI: Do sports playa big part in your life?

Bana: A huge part.I played [Australian Rules] footy when I was growing up, and I have beencompeting in motor racing ever since. It is what I do when I am not shooting.Without that, I would go absolutely insane.

SI: When you race,do opponents treat you differently because you're famous?

Bana: No, becauseI was racing before I was acting. If they are not clued in, they assume I willqualify at the back of the grid, but when I don't, they change their tune. I amhappy to say I probably compete well enough not to be considered a celebrityentrant.

SI: Do you playmuch poker?

Bana: I don't. I'man outdoors guy. I can't bring myself to go to a casino when the sun isshining.

SI: Will you beable to avoid all the celebrity poker tournament invites that are sure to startcoming your way?

Bana: I tend notto go to anything that has the word celebrity attached to it. I'm safe.

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