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Q&A Milo Ventimiglia

The actor, 29, plays Peter Petrelli in the NBC series Heroes

SI: Fans may be surprised to learn that you were a 112-pound all-county wrestler in high school.

Ventimiglia: As a senior I was ranked fourth in California. I wasn't the biggest or strongest, so I tried to be the fastest and smartest.

SI: What else do you play?

Ventimiglia: I used to snowboard but gave it up. When you're making a lot of money and bust an ankle or a nose, you're in deep s—.

SI: How did you and Sylvester Stallone spend downtime while shooting Rocky Balboa last year?

Ventimiglia: We talked about Edgar Allan Poe. He's got a script about Poe, and it's one of the coolest things I've read. [Stallone] has a lot more to him than people think.

SI: Did you two ever get in the ring?

Ventimiglia: Nah. My goal is to never get hit. I'm the exact opposite of Rocky.

SI: Did you show him your Sly impression?

Ventimiglia: No way. Again, I don't like to get punched.

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