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Lucky Men
Having just read two Lou Gehrig biographies, I was struck by the similaritiesbetween him and Grady Sizemore (One Sizemore Fits All, May 14). Both lefthandedhitters were 6'2" and had been football players. Sizemore is a man of fewwords, driven by a desire to please and uncomfortable with attention—just likethe Iron Horse.
Randall Schau, Portage, Mich.

O.K., let me getthis straight: Indians general manager Mark Shapiro is saying "one of thegreatest players of our generation" is a guy who has never hit 30 homeruns, never driven in 90 runs, never had 200 hits, never hit .300, never had 25steals and is currently batting around .250? Why, because Sizemore is humbleand nice? Give me a break, and while you're at it, give me Alex Rodriguez,Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and Alfonso Soriano, among others too numerous tomention.
Michael Marro, Cumming, Ga.

Rejecting Roger
The only people in Red Sox Nation who wanted Rogers Clemens back were theowners and maybe the general manager (PLAYERS, May 14). I have asked a lot offans around here, and we seem united in the belief that George Steinbrennerwill pay the 44-year-old Clemens more than a million dollars per start, and allthe Yankees owner will get in return is a 4--5 record and a seat in front ofthe television in October.
Bruce McPhee, West Yarmouth, Mass.

Ryan Doumit calls the Brewers' Prince Fielder "bush league" (PLAYERS,May 14) for pumping his fist at the Pirates dugout. But look at what led up toit. After being thrown at for no reason, Fielder decided not to charge themound. Instead he went 3 for 4 with two home runs and scored the winning runoff the pitcher who threw at him. The raw emotion Fielder showed after scoringproves that revenge is best served cold—actually, maybe in this case it wasstill a little warm.
Jaaren Riebe, Prairie du Chien, Wis.

Speed Trap
Jack McCallum's story that previewed the NBA conference semifinals (The ChampIs Here, May 14) had a chart that rated the pace at which the teams play. It'sinteresting to note that in each series—Spurs against the Suns, Jazz againstthe Warriors, Pistons against the Bulls and Cavs against the Nets—the slowerteam ended up winning.
Gregory Maltzman, New York City

You write thatPhoenix and San Antonio "have more heart than the Duds from Big D."Don't forget that last year the Mavericks beat both the Suns and the Spurs toreach the NBA Finals.
Robert Nussbaum, Plano, Texas

Risky Business
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an extremely talented fighter. But if he wants peopleto continue to pay big money to see him in the ring (Failure to Launch, May14), he needs to take a lesson from recently deceased champion Diego Corrales.Corrales risked everything in the ring, and true fight fans loved him for it.Mayweather risks nothing. True champions love the fans as much as the fans lovethem. Corrales understood that, and hopefully Mayweather will too someday.
Ryan Quinn, Greensburg, Pa.

Sox and theCity
As a die-hard White Sox fan I was disappointed to see an error in your item oninterleague play in Chicago in The Week Ahead (PLAYERS, May 21). Your numberswere right—12 series wins to six and an overall 29--25 lead in games headinginto this season's matchups. But it's the White Sox who have the solid edgeover the minor league team from the North Side. Almost as sweet as our '05World Series title is a near century of futility for the Cubs.
Chris Rak, Citrus Heights, Calif.

EDITOR'S NOTE: SIregrets the error.

Mia Farrow andDarfur
Thank you for your inspirational column on China and its ties to the genocidein Darfur, and for the story of Mia Farrow's efforts to pressure China to act(LIFE OF REILLY, May 14). You have motivated me to contact seven prominentOlympic sponsors and voice my concern and encouragement to address thecrisis.
Scott Walter, Raleigh

Letters ofProtest
Please show us the Chinese character tattoo, which translates as "China,please," that Dream for Darfur may encourage athletes to wear at the 2008Beijing Olympics. If you do, I am sure that every bodybuilder in the countrywill be wearing one in no time. These guys love tattoos, and one with socialsignificance would go over big. I for one will post it on the notice board atmy gym.
Patricia V. Davis, San Anselmo, Calif.

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