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Q & A Phillippi Sparks

The ex--NFLer is the father of American Idol champ Jordin Sparks

SI: It used to be Jordin Sparks, daughter of former NFL player Phillippi Sparks. Now it's Phillippi Sparks, father of American Idol winner Jordin Sparks (top).

Sparks: What you want as a dad is for your kids to outdo you, and that's what happened. Being Jordin Sparks's dad is going to last a lot longer than being Phillippi Sparks the football player.

SI: Were you nervous at the finals?

Sparks: Not really. I told her to look at it like a football season. I told her this is her Super Bowl. She said, "Dad, don't worry about it. I got it."

SI: Did the cornerback in you want to drill Simon Cowell?

Sparks: I love him, bro. It's a show, and I understood that. At the beginning we were interviewed by psychologists to make sure if someone said something to our daughter we wouldn't snap [laughs].

SI: Can you sing?

Sparks: I sang from third grade to 12th grade. My mom had us in choir. I can hold a tune. Maybe that's where Jordin got her rhythm from [laughs].

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