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Inside: The Week In Sports

The lost season of 2004 Rookie of the Year Kasey Kahne • Success hasn't convinced Mark Martin to alter his limited race schedule • A couple of first-time winners are still going strong

Olympic Sports
Xavier Carter wins a star-studded 200-meter showdown at the Prefontaine Classic • Michael Hunter honors his late father with an upset victory at the national boxing championships

Which two teams want to pry Troy Glaus out of Toronto? • Which Chicago club should hold and which should fold? • Which Marlin is more likely to go: Miguel Cabrera or Dontrelle Willis?

THAT'S A ROGER The relaunch of the Yankees' $17 million Rocket went smoothly enough, as Roger Clemens surrendered three runs in six innings of New York's 9--3 win over the Pirates last Saturday at Yankee Stadium. The 44-year-old righthander's next start was scheduled for Friday at home against the Mets.


Photograph by Chuck Solomon