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QUICK: Which school won the first three women's college basketball championships? Hint: It's not UConn or Tennessee. If you still don't know, get thee to see Our Lady of Victory when it comes out later this year. Carla Gugino (Entourage) will star as the coach of the Immaculata (Pa.) Mighty Macs, an all-girl Catholic school that won the AIAW tournament (the precursor to the women's NCAA tourney) every year from 1972 to '74, an era when most teams wore skirts and were adapting to new rules allowing more than three dribbles at a time. "[These girls] had been taught to be humble, that girls are the lesser sex," says Gugino (above). "I think this story has a lot to say about something I think is very important—the equality of dreams." ... Count writer David Mamet (Glengarry Glenn Ross) among the growing list of mixed martial arts fans. Mamet wrote and will direct the film Redbelt, which is about Los Angeles fighters. He has already cast MMA stars Randy Couture and Dan Insonato, as well as former boxer Ray Mancini.

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