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Q & A John Cusack

The actor and die-hard Chicago sports fan stars in 1408

SI: What makes Chicago sports fans different?

Cusack: Endurance. What did [Charles] Bukowski write? "Anybody can be a nondrunk, but it takes a special talent to be a drunk." But the Sox won so half the curse is gone.

SI: Are you friends with any athletes?

Cusack: Chris Chelios is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

SI: And you stopped being a serious Blackhawks fan the day they traded him.

Cusack: I'm very loyal to my friends. If he ever goes back to the Blackhawks, I'd be a fan again. But as long as he is still playing, I'm with Cheli. It's the only time I ever turned my back on a Chicago team.

SI: The Cubs just won the World Series. How do you spend the next 24 hours?

Cusack: I'd be in Chicago, in the middle of the muck, and there would be five or six bars I would go to. I'd attend the parade. Then I'd prepare for the next life, because it may signal the end of all things.

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