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Willie Gault

Still speedy after all these years, the college track star and NFL wide receiver is a sprint champion once more

It'sa Monday morning at the West Los Angeles College track, and a sprintingpantheon is on display. Hot on the heels of Maurice Greene, the 2000 Olympic100-meter champion, and Leonard Scott, the '06 world 60-meter champ, zips46-year-old Willie Gault, a former Tennessee hurdler and member of the 4×100relay team that set the world record at the '83 world championships. ButGault's best-known moment didn't come on an oval. As a Bears receiver in SuperBowl XX, he burned the Patriots for 129 yards on four catches in Chicago's46-10 victory.

Gault has lost astep since his Super Bowl Shuffle days, but not a big one. Last summer at ameet in Indianapolis he ran the 100 in 10.72 seconds, setting a world record inthe 45-to-49 age group. Track has always been Gault's first love. "Infootball you need a quarterback, linemen and plays," says Gault, who spent11 seasons with the Bears and the Raiders. "In track the gun goes off, andyou run. It's a pure individual sport."

When not burningrubber, Gault is running his investment company, IBS Capital, or appearing onthe tube. He had recurring roles in The West Wing and The Pretender and isshopping a screenplay--"a cross between Midnight Run and Escape fromAlcatraz." About the only thing that has broken his stride has been thedeath of close friends, including Hall of Famer Reggie White and former Bearssafety Todd Bell. "Reggie was my college roommate," says Gault."Todd died shortly after Reggie. I was blown away." Gault is aspokesman for Signalife, which makes heart monitors that gather data onathletes. "I don't think our bodies are meant to do what we do," Gaultsays. "We need to learn more about the effect that activity has." Hisown health remains a high priority. Says Gault, "I don't want to ever needa stunt double."



Bear Essential

A star in the Super Bowl win, Gault holds an age-group 100-meter mark.



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