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Andy Samberg
The Saturday Night Live star is in Hot Rod, opening Aug. 3

SI: You play an Evel Knievel wannabe in Hot Rod. Were you a daredevil as a kid?

Samberg: Until I discovered girls, I was a complete idiot. I would jump off everything and crack my head open all the time. I also wanted to play football, but my parents wouldn't let me. They were too into being hippies.

SI: Growing up in the Bay Area, you must have great sports memories. But what's your worst?

Samberg: The worst day of my life was Kirk Gibson's home run against the A's. I sat in front of the TV—turned off—for an hour after the game, I was so heartbroken.

SI: Lazy Sunday: How does one spend an entire Sunday without watching football?

Samberg: The joke is that [Lazy Sunday] is really lame. But during the football season we have what we call Family Day. [SNL castmate] Seth Meyers is a Steelers fan, I'm a Niners fan, and we and a bunch of friends get together to watch football. We order food and are hung over. That's the best day of the week.

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