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Leading Off

Kilt Bill
During a competition at the 52nd Grandfather Mountain Highland Games last Friday, Bill Gray of Coolidge, Ga., heaved the 22-pound Scottish hammer. The four-day festival in Linville, N.C., celebrates Gaelic athletics and culture.

Home Stretch
Red Sox slugger David Ortiz tried to bend his 6'4" frame around Jason Phillips, but the Blue Jays' catcher tagged him out on Sunday in Boston. Ortiz was nailed by a throw from rightfield by Alex Rios in the sixth inning, helping to preserve Toronto's 2--1 victory in Boston.

Point Taken
French long jumper Salim Sdiri had yet to react after an errant javelin, thrown by Tero Pitkamaki of Finland (inset), pierced his right side just as this photo was shot at the Golden League meet in Rome last Friday. Sdiri, who suffered a slight tear at the top of his kidney, was released from the hospital a day later but returned for further tests on Monday.

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Photograph by Chuck Burton/AP


Photograph by Damian Strohmeyer


Photograph by Icon Sport/US Presswire