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For the Record

By MLS to Portuguese team Benfica, the rights to Freddy Adu. The transfer pricefor the 18-year-old was $2 million. Adu has been inconsistent in his 3 1/2-yearMLS career; this season he had one goal in 11 games for Real Salt Lake. But hehas shown flashes of brilliance, especially at the recent FIFA Under-20 WorldCup. "I had headaches thinking about [the decision to leave]," Adu "But Benfica has developed some of the best players in Europe, andthey have a great tradition, a great stadium and a great following. Thishappens once in a lifetime."

By X Games skateboarder Jake Brown, a 40-foot fall after he lost control of hisboard in the Big Air competition. Brown suffered only a lung contusion and afractured wrist in the fall, which hushed the Staples Center crowd. The Aussiewas out cold for about five minutes, but ultimately walked away. He spent twonights in the hospital. "I had a few seconds to actually contemplate how Iwas going to fall; I think I chose the best way," Brown said. "I triedto break my fall with my feet."

Two weeks after they went missing at the Pan-Am Games in Rio de Janeiro, twoCuban boxers. It turned out that the duo—Guillermo Rigondeaux, 25, andErislandy Lara, 24—hadn't defected, as they were accused of doing by FidelCastro. Instead, they were at a Brazilian coastal resort partying and runningup a large tab. When discovered, they said they wanted to return to Cuba.

By the ATP, an investigation into irregular betting patterns on a matchinvolving Nikolay Davydenko, the No. 4 player in the world. A British bookreceived $7 million in bets—10 times the norm—on his match with No. 87 MartinVassallo Arguello in the second round of a tournament in Poland on Aug. 2. Mostof the money was on Arguello to win, which he did when Davydenko retired in thethird set with a toe injury. (The book, Betfair, returned all bets.)Davydenko's agent denied the player was involved in any betting scheme. "Itis important that we not jump to conclusions, especially when players'reputations could be unfairly tainted," said ATP chairman Etienne deVilliers. "What we must do is carry out a comprehensive and immediateinvestigation, and that is what we are doing."

To five years in prison after pleading guilty to running a sports betting ringwith a former NHL player and coach, ex--New Jersey state trooper James Harney.Last year Harney admitted to running the ring with Rick Tocchet, who was thenWayne Gretzky's assistant with the Phoenix Coyotes. Investigators saidGretzky's wife, Janet Jones, placed bets (reportedly totaling $500,000), butshe wasn't charged with a crime. Tocchet, who also pleaded guilty, will besentenced later this month. Authorities said there was no evidence that any ofthe bets were on hockey.

For 80 games for his third violation of baseball's policy on banned stimulants,Tigers infielder Neifi Perez, 34. The failed test came while Perez was alreadyserving a 25-game suspension for his second violation. Perez (left), who ishitting just .172 this year, claimed the substance was approved by his doctorand said, "It's not fair."

With violating the protective order banning him from making contact with hiswife, Devil Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes. NiShea Gilbert, who is in the processof divorcing Dukes, obtained the order in May after Dukes allegedly threatenedto kill her and the couple's two children. Last week she told police that Dukeshad called her and that she received a call from a woman who Gilbert believedwas calling at Dukes's behest. Dukes, 23, who has been on the inactive listsince June, faces a year in prison.

At the trial of a teammate accused of stabbing him to take his starting job,Northern Colorado punter Rafael Mendoza. Mitch Cozad (top) is on trial forattempted murder and various other charges stemming from an incident lastSeptember in which Mendoza (middle, bottom) was stabbed in his kicking leg in adark campus parking lot by a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Mendozabroke down on the stand when a tape of his 911 call was played, but he couldnot identify his assailant. Cozad's lawyers contend that Kevin Aussprung, whotestified for the prosecution that he drove Cozad from the crime scene, is thereal attacker. Aussprung denied that, saying that when Cozad returned to thecar "he seemed like he was in a hurry and that something went wrong withwhatever he was doing." Aussprung said that they later removed tape fromthe car's license plates. Mendoza, who recovered to play in 10 games last year,plans to punt for the Bears this season.

They Said It

"There was no pressure in my at bats. Everybody wasin the bathroom."

Yankees leftfielder, after hitting two homers in a game last week while battingbehind Alex Rodriguez

Go Figure

0--3 Johan Santana's record this year against theIndians, the first team to beat the Twins' ace three times in a season in hiseight-year career.

10 Times the Celtics will appear on national TV thisseason.

0 Appearances by the Celtics on national TV lastyear.

16 Total runs scored by the White Sox (8) and Yankees(8) in the second inning of last Thursday's game, the second-highest-scoringsecond inning in major league history.

5 Penalty in yards NFL teams will face if their playersspike the ball following a nonscoring play this year.

13 Career titles for world No. 1 Lorena Ochoa, who wonher first major in 24 tries on Sunday at the Women's British Open.

50 Age of Beth Daniel, who became the oldest player tomake a cut at a women's major, at last weekend's British Open.


Titans cornerback Pacman Jones signed a contract toappear at pro wrestling events while he serves his seasonlong suspension.












AUG. 1 Paula Creamer at the 18th hole on the Old Course at St.Andrews.