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Q&A Gordon Ramsay

The Hell's Kitchen chef opened Gordon Ramsay at The London in New York

SI: Seven TV shows, 15 restaurants.... How have you fit in eight marathons?

Ramsay: Running started as a way of relaxing. No phones or e-mails or faxes. And it really helps me get an appetite.

SI: Do you have a premarathon meal?

Ramsay: I do a 22K run down the embankment in London with a rucksack full of potatoes on my back, but I don't eat those. Eating, I keep it really simple: a slow-roasted tomato sauce with fresh pasta. I should write a book about all this.

SI: Describe your soccer game.

Ramsay: I was an attacking defender. Very powerful in the air. Not many things got past me. If they did, they ended up in the f—— terraces.

SI: With your mouth, you must have been a referee's nightmare.

Ramsay: Oh, yeah. Believe it or not, though, I've never been sent off in my life.

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