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Q&A Buster Douglas

The former heavyweight champ, 47, is launching a career as an actor

SI: How would you describe your acting style?

Douglas: Versatile. I was an FBI agent in my first film [Pluto's Plight, in 2002], so I can play a law-abiding citizen. In the movie I filmed last month [Mikey & Dolores, directed by Walter Matthau's son Charles], I'm a drug dealer.

SI: How serious are you about acting?

Douglas: Real serious. I see it in boxing terms: Right now I'm at a cofeature level, but I'm looking to get to the main event.

SI: When is the last time you watched your 1990 knockout of Mike Tyson?

Douglas: Several months ago. Sometimes when I work out, it motivates me.

SI: Would you trade the heavyweight title for an Academy Award?

Douglas: Nah. The heavyweight championship is a beautiful thing.

SI: Who would play you in The Buster Douglas Story?

Douglas: Jim Carrey. It's all about makeup, baby.

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