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For the Record

To two years' probation for his role in a sports gambling operation, ex-Coyotesassistant coach Rick Tocchet. The former NHL star was at the center of a caselast year that unfolded during the Olympics with allegations of mob ties andgame fixing—none of which ever materialized. Tocchet, who says he never bet onhockey, has been on an indefinite leave from the Coyotes since he was chargedlast February, but says he hopes to return to the game.

Of cancer at age 81, Sam Pollock, who put together the Montreal Canadiens teamsthat won nine Stanley Cups in his 14 years as G.M. Pollock was one of hockey'sgreat schemers. In 1970 he acquired the Oakland Seals' first-round choice inthe '71 draft and later traded forward Ralph Backstrom to Los Angeles to helpensure that the Kings would finish ahead of the Seals, permitting Montreal tograb Guy Lafleur with the No. 1 pick. "Sam was the G.M. guru," says LouNanne, the Minnesota North Stars G.M. from '78 to '88. "When he wantedsomething from you in a trade, he would seem generous and outgoing. But you hadthe sense you should be worried."

By Marco Materazzi, the slur that drove Zinédine Zidane to head-butt him in theWorld Cup final. In his new book the Italian defender says that Zidane, who hadbeen complaining that Materazzi was holding his jersey, said, "If you wantmy shirt, you can have it after the match." Materazzi then replied, "Iprefer the whore that is your sister." Zidane was given a red card, andItaly won the game against France on penalty kicks. Earlier this month Frenchcoach Raymond Domenech applauded Materazzi for getting Zidane sent off: "Isay 'bravo' to him," Domenech said.

Guilty to two felonies for betting on games he officiated and giving insideinformation to gamblers, former NBA referee Tim Donaghy. The 40-year-old facesup to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced in November. Last Friday ESPNradio reported that Donaghy would name 20 other officials who have gambled.None of their alleged wagering is believed to be illegal or on basketball, butNBA rules bar officials from taking part in any gambling activity except foroff-season trips to the racetrack.

By Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt, that she and her husband of27 years are divorcing. Summitt, who is the alltime winningest coach in collegebasketball history, cited irreconcilable differences. Her husband, R.B.Summitt, is a banker. The filing comes two years after UT renamed itsbasketball court The Summitt. The school did not say if it would change thename again if Summitt decides to use her maiden name.

That he will retire at season's end, Nextel Cup driver Ricky Rudd. It's not thefirst time that Rudd, 50, has called it a career. He left the sport after the2005 season but was coaxed back by owner Robert Yates this season. Rudd hasstruggled—he has just one top 10. "Continuing to race in Cup was more of atime commitment than I was willing to put in," said Rudd, who has finishedin the top 10 in the points race 19 times in his 32-season career.

After being diagnosed with the measles, a member of the Japanese Little LeagueWorld Series team. The player, who wasn't identified, began showing signs ofthe disease shortly after his team arrived at the dorm where players bunk. LastSaturday Little League officials asked players who have never had the diseaseor had a measles shot to take a blood test or receive a shot. No other playerscame down with the disease, and the player was released from an infirmary atthe LLWS complex on Sunday.

Of second-degree murder for killing former USC basketball player Ryan Francis(left), 20-year-old D'Anthony Ford. In May 2006 Francis, who had just completeda freshman season in which he was the Trojans' starting point guard, was homein Louisiana visiting his family for Mother's Day when he was shot while at anintersection (SCORECARD, May 22, 2006). Prosecutors said the intended victimwas a friend of Francis' who'd earlier had a dispute with Ford. "I'm gladit's over with. Now Ryan can rest, and I can rest," said Francis' mother,Paulette. Ford faces a mandatory sentence of life without parole.

Go Figure

4 Number of 1--0 games in the four-year history ofCincinnati's Great American Ballpark.

0 Number of 1--0 games at the Great American Ballparknot started by the Reds' Aaron Harang.

11 Total bases (two homers, a double and a single) forArizona's Micah Owings in Saturday's 12--6 win over the Braves, the most for apitcher since Jim Tobin of the Boston Braves had 12 in 1942.

446 Distance in feet of Owings's second homer, thethird longest at Turner Field this year.

$200,000 Amount Bernard Hopkins was fined by theNevada State Athletic Commission for starting a brawl during the weigh-in forhis July fight with Winky Wright.

66,237. Attendance at Giants Stadium for lastSaturday's Red Bulls--Galaxy game, in which David Beckham made his first MLSstart.

11,573 The Red Bulls' average attendance for their 10home games before Saturday.


The manager of English soccer team Sunderland saysstars won't sign with the club because the town's shopping is subpar.

They Said It

Reds outfielder, after he was removed from the field in the middle of an inningin a double-switch:
"Next time they try, I'll be like Tanner in the Astrodome in Bad NewsBears, running around the outfield making them try to catch me."







PICTURE THIS AUG. 17 Greased-pole races held on Indonesia's Independence Day.