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1 LaDainian Tomlinson RB Even I can't screw up this pick. Now that I've got Mr.31 TDs, book me for the playoffs!

2 Steven JacksonRB I think he'll do better than LT this year. Note: I seriously consideredPeyton Manning at this spot.

3 Larry JohnsonRB I'm betting that he'll come back strong from his holdout, and from416 carries in 2006.

4 Shaun AlexanderRB Even with Madden and Super Bowl loser jinxes, he was still a monster late in'06.

5 Frank Gore RBI'd like the same yardage (1,695 rushing) as 2006, but with more than eight TDsthis time.

6 Willie ParkerRB He quietly scored 16 TDs and put up two 200-yard games last year. A repeatwould be fine with me.

7 Joseph Addai RBHe's ready to pile up the yards and TDs like Edgerrin James used to in theColts' offense.

8 Marshawn LynchRB Bills coordinator Steve Fairchild, a Mike Martz guy, sees Marshall Faulk inLynch.

9 LaurenceMaroney RB He'll get the full load of carries in New England now that CoreyDillon's gone.

10 BrianWestbrook RB A history of injuries is all that keeps him from being a top-fivepick every year.

11 Rudi JohnsonRB Thanks to King's obsession with Lynch, I get a steal (1,300-plus yards forthree straight years).

12 Clinton PortisRB If healthy, Portis will finally take advantage of Al Saunders's offense inWashington.


13 Peyton ManningQB The safest bet in the draft; Colts play softest slate of pass defenses inthe NFL.

14 Travis HenryRB I could gain 1,000 yards in Shanahan's offense; Henry will get atleast 1,400.

15 Ronnie BrownRB Adept at both running and receiving, I think he'll improve in Cam Cameron'soffense.

16 Willis McGaheeRB He'll be revitalized after bolting from Buffalo to Baltimore andBillick.

17 AdrianPeterson RB As you can see, I'm not afraid of drafting rookie runningbacks.

18 Reggie Bush RBWith a combined 1,307 rush-pass yards as a rookie, he's the most versatileweapon in the NFL.

19 Edgerrin JamesRB His strong finish in 2006 has me believing he'll put up numbers like heracked up in Indy.

20 Cedric BensonRB He's had two injuries in two NFL seasons--but no way he three-peats.

21 Thomas JonesRB Had I known so many backs I liked would be left later, I would have takenChad Johnson here.

22 Steve Smith WRWas a force last year despite injuries and double teams; plus, Panthers have anew offense.

23 Chad JohnsonWR With Ocho Cinco promising to "bring sexy back" in 2007, this was aneasy pick.

24 Brandon JacobsRB The goal line monster from the Tiki era will now be getting 25 carriesper game.


25 Carson PalmerQB Two seasons removed from his devastating knee injury, he's ready to go atfull power.

26 Drew Brees QBWith all the weapons around him, and in Sean Payton's system, I see a lot ofbig plays.

27 Tom Brady QBWas top-eight throwing to Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel; enter Moss,Stallworth and Welker.

28 MauriceJones-Drew RB So I bought into those ESPN Fantasy HoF ads. Almost took him inround 2.

29 Anquan BoldinWR He's a favorite of Matt Leinart, coach Ken Whisenhunt--and now me.

30 MarvinHarrison WR Eight straight years of at least 1,100 yards and 10 TDs? I'mbetting on nine.

31 Torry Holt WRWhy did the Rams give Marc Bulger a $60 million contract? To get the ball tothis guy.

32 Jon Kitna QBThis is what I project for him in 2007: 4,467 yards, 25 touchdowns--and 18picks.

33 Marc Bulger QBI had to grab the last elite passer (4,301 yards, 24 TDs in '06) left on theboard.

34 Vince Young QBSecond-year star should lead Tennessee in passing and rushing--and TDs too, Ihope.

35 Reggie WayneWR Clip and save: He'll have more touchdowns in 2007 than teammateMarvin Harrison.

36 Roy WilliamsWR He should face fewer double teams with the addition ofCalvin Johnson.


37 LarryFitzgerald WR I'm counting on Matt Leinart to return Fitzgerald's stats to 2005levels.

38 Antonio GatesTE My colleagues are fools for letting the clear No. 1 tight end drop thisfar.

39 MarquesColston WR With Joe Horn gone, he's the Saints' top receiver, and he's primedfor a huge year.

40 DeuceMcAllister RB Few starting running backs who gained 1,000 yards and had10 TDs fall this far.

41 Lee Evans WRSomeday he'll have a 95-catch season with his good pal, quarterbackJ.P. Losman.

42 Chester TaylorRB Even with Peterson in town, Taylor will still get the tough yards and theTDs.

43 Donovan McNabbQB His knee looks to be in shape, which means big stats--if he can stayhealthy.

44 PlaxicoBurress WR Here's hoping this is the season it all clicks into place forEli Manning.

45 Terrell OwensWR My favorite pick of the draft. T.O. wasn't himself last year and still had13 TDs.

46 JeriousNorwood RB Vick's absence and Dunn's back surgery make Norwood the main Falconsthreat.

47 Randy Moss WRMoss will put up the kind of numbers he used to now that Tom Brady's throwingto him.

48 T.J.Housh-mandzadeh WR The Carson-to-T.J. hookup? Just hand me my championshiptrophy.


49 Marion BarberRB This year he'll be more than just the touchdown vulture in Dallas'stime-share.

50 Jamal Lewis RBCall me crazy, but I think this is the year that Lewis returns tohis 2003 form.

51 CadillacWilliams RB More like Dodge Stratus Williams after one TD in '06; I'll settlefor a Chevy-like '07.

52 Javon WalkerWR I now feel better about over-investing in backs early. Walker is going to bea top-five WR.

53 Ahman Green RBHe's trade bait if he gets off to a good start in Houston--and backup materialif he doesn't.

54 Donald DriverWR As long as Brett Favre is throwing the ball around, Driver will get plentyof catches.

55 Matt LeinartQB This might be a reach here, but I love the bounty of receiving talent aroundhim.

56 Tatum Bell RBI'll be surprised if he doesn't gain 1,400 yards and score eight TDs inDetroit.

57 Calvin JohnsonWR His numbers could be in the range that Randy Moss put up in his rookieseason.

58 BrandonJackson RB The rookie has been impressive in camp; can that carry over to theregular season?

59 Tony Romo QB Iknow his 2006 season didn't have a happy ending, but trust me: Romo's forreal.

60 Andre JohnsonWR If QB Matt Schaub is even marginally competent, I've got atop wideout.


61 Tony GonzalezTE A top-three fantasy TE in seven of last eight years--and talent at thisposition drops off quickly.

62 Hines Ward WRAfter only six TDs in 2006, he and Big Ben are both due to bounce back bigtime.

63 Greg JenningsWR Not my best pick, but the Pack loves his potential, especially if Drivergoes down.

64 Vernon DavisTE A monster of a man who, in the sixth round, might end up being the steal ofthe draft.

65 Jason WittenTE The best thing that ever happened to him: Jason Garrett's becoming acoach.

66 BernardBerrian WR He's going to be Rex Grossman's primary pass catcher thisyear.

67 LaveranuesColes WR Had a career-high 91 catches last year, but could he score a few moreTDs, please?

69 Jeremy ShockeyTE I'm hoping that he'll get some of the passes that used to go toTiki Barber.

70 DeAngeloWilliams RB I expect him to prosper in coordinator Jeff Davidson's newzone-blocking scheme.

71 Ravens D Sure,they lost Adalius Thomas, but look who they've still got (Reed, Lewis, Scott,Suggs, McAlister, Ngata . . .).

72 Chris ChambersWR Should benefit from the arrival of a competent QB in Trent Green.


73 Todd Heap TEThis red-zone target extraordinaire says he's the healthiest he's everbeen.

74 Kellen WinslowTE K2 had 89 catches in his first healthy season; I expect even more in2007.

75 BraylonEdwards WR Immensely talented, this third-year pro should break out no matterwho the QB is.

76 MattHasselbeck QB Last year was an aberration; now he and the Seattle offense arehealthy again.

77 Chris CooleyTE Last year's team leader in receptions will be Jason Campbell's go-toguy.

78 Alge CrumplerTE Would have preferred Winslow or Cooley. What will Crumpler be withoutVick?

79 Philip RiversQB Getting Rivers here makes me feel better about having jumped a little earlyon Leinart.

80 Deion BranchWR Seattle got fleeced in the trade, but I still think he'll catch 65 ballsthis year.

81 Santana MossWR Finished strong (three December TDs) after recovering from a hamstringinjury.

82 DeveryHenderson WR He should benefit from Joe Horn's departure. Drawing raves atcamp.

83 LaMont JordanRB All signs point to a comeback for a guy who had 1,588 total yards in2005.

84 Patriots D Asif they needed new additions Adalius Thomas, Tory James and BrandonMeriweather.


85 Warrick DunnRB Has had more than 1,000 combined rushing-receiving yards in all 10 of hisNFL seasons.

86 Reggie BrownWR A recipe for fantasy success: McNabb is healthy, and Brown is in his thirdseason.

87 Eli Manning QBHas his doubters--but also two fine receiving threats in Burressand Shockey.

88 Julius JonesRB Even splitting time with Marion Barber, he's still worth areserve spot.

89 JerrichoCotchery WR He became Chad Pennington's target of choice as 2006 wore on.

90Chargers D I love the big-play potential from Shawne Merriman &Co.--and also from their kick returners.

91 Fred Taylor RBJones-Drew gets all the TDs, but Taylor did have a career-best 5.0 yards percarry last year.

92 Mark ClaytonWR How many times can a guy be "on the verge of a breakout"? I'mfeeling it this year, though.

93 Joey GallowayWR Overlooked for a guy who's a guaranteed No. 1 receiver inTampa Bay.

94 DeShaun FosterRB I've got DeRB situation for DePanthers locked up; I hope one back will getall DeCarries.

95 Jerry PorterWR Last year was a total washout, but he can be very dangerous giventhe chance.

96 LenDale WhiteRB Both the Titans and I are rooting for White to take control of the startingjob.


97 Wes Welker WROur Pats insider claims that Welker could catch 100 balls from Brady thisyear.

98 Alex Smith QBNow in his third year, he'll continue to build on the improvement he showed in2006.

99 L.J. Smith TEA healthy Donovan McNabb would help the solid Smith, who is entering a contractyear.

100 VincentJackson WR Everyone's favorite sleeper. But he's a great way to buy into theChargers' offense.

101 SantonioHolmes WR I've got a hunch he'll develop into the Plaxico substitute he wasmeant to be.

102 DarrellJackson WR Has the talent, but injuries are an issue. Still, I'll take him asmy fourth wideout.

103 Terry GlennWR When T.O. goes into one of his annual sulks, Glenn will be the man inBig D.

104 Jaguars D Thebest defense no one pays attention to. Ever hear of Bobby McCray?

105 Devin HesterWR I'm betting a ninth-round pick that his switch to offense will be asuccess.

106 Kevin JonesRB Can put up big numbers with the Lions if he's healthy, which is what I'mcounting on.

107 Ladell BettsRB Looking forward to Epstein's trade proposal when Clinton Portisgoes down.

108 AdamVinatieri K He's 100-plus points in the bag. Better to start a run on kickersthan to end it.


109 VernandMorency RB Somebody has to tote the rock in Green Bay, and I'm guessing it willbe him.

110 Cowboys DThis side of the ball has never been a problem for new coach Wade Phillips.

111 Broncos DAddition of Dre' Bly makes the secondary an even greater threat to pile upturnovers.

112 RoscoeParrish WR With these receivers, I'm hoping the quick slant comes backinto vogue.

113 Nate KaedingK The Chargers will be a top-three scoring team, and he'll succeed on 80% ofhis FG tries.

114 Robbie GouldK It's simple: He's a reliable kicker on a Bears team that's going to score alot this year.

115 Jay Cutler QBShowed promise last year. A perfect No. 2 fantasy QB on the verge of beinga No. 1.

116 AdrianPeterson RB Getting Benson's backup makes my second-round pick all the moresound.

117 Steelers DMike Tomlin. Dick LeBeau. 4-3. 3-4. However they line up in Pittsburgh, it'sall good.

118 Kevin CurtisWR McNabb drops back to pass, hits the speedy Curtis on the slant. Repeat 75times.

119 Shayne GrahamK I expect the Bengals offense to give him more chancesthis year.

120 Eric MouldsWR The veteran wideout has been Vince Young's favorite target in camp thisyear.

121 BenRoethlisberger QB He's healthy and should be throwing downfield more in the newSteelers offense.


122 Donte'Stallworth WR Somehow he's been the forgotten man in the Pats' off-seasonmoves.

123 DominicRhodes RB One can never be too rich, too thin or have too many startingRB options.

124 AnthonyThomas RB Oops. Coffee spill. Lost focus on this pick. Get it together,Perloff!

125 Rex GrossmanQB He had some duds last year, but eight weeks out of 16 he was a fantasystar.

126 Chris BrownRB There has to be a reason the Titans brought back this former starter.

127 Heath MillerTE A second-tier tight end (34 catches, five TDs in '06) but also one of BigBen's best targets.

128 ChadPennington QB Healthy, he'll throw for 3,000 and be a nice backup if Kitnablows up.

129 RobertMeachem WR Knee injury slowed his start, but he's in a high-octane offense andworth the risk.

130 Jason HansonK Mike Martz offense? Check. Home dome? Check. Hoping for the best? Check.

131 ReubenDroughns RB If Brandon Jacobs isn't the second coming of Tiki Barber. . . .

132 Brett FavreQB Even a horrendous year for Favre will still mean 3,500 yards and15 touchdowns.


133 Mike FurreyWR Best hands I've seen this summer outside Spider-Man 3. Double Roy &Calvin, please.

134 J.P. LosmanQB Just in case Romo isn't actually for real, I've got the guy throwing to LeeEvans.

135 Ben Watson TESolid receiver with a great QB, and he's playing alongside receivers whostretch defenses.

136 RandyMcMichael TE Caught 60 balls with five TDs when Linehan was his coach inMiami.

137 AnthonyGonzalez WR Peyton's slot receiver always, always sees four or five chances agame.

138 Jeff GarciaQB Last season he showed he still has plenty left, and Tampa's offense will beplenty familiar.

139 Panthers DJulius Peppers will rack up the sacks, although this unit needs to force moreturnovers.

140 Trent GreenQB Panic mode sets in. My quarterbacks are Grossman and Green? Crap.

141 Drew BennettWR Isaac Bruce can't keep this up forever. Move over, Reverend, and make roomfor the new guy.

142 ByronLeftwich QB Considered Matt Schaub, but then realized his bye week is the sameas Brady's.

143 Dallas ClarkTE Landing the tight end in Peyton Manning's offense this late in the draft isa steal.

144 Isaac BruceWR He may be 34, but he still had 1,098 yards last year and played in all16 games.


145 Kenny WatsonRB The Cincy backup's prospects improve after the injury to Kenny Irons.

146 Matt SchaubQB You never know--if he lives up to the hype, he will be great trade bait bymidseason.

147 Dolphins DDeitsch grabbed the Dallas D, so I'll place my trust in Jason Taylor andZach Thomas.

148 JasonCampbell QB He's the last quarterback with serious upside left on theboard.

149 Joe Horn WRSomebody has to catch some balls in Atlanta--even if Harrington's throwing.

150 TonyScheffler TE He's on the rise after gaining 18.2 yards per catch and scoringfour TDs in December '06.

151 Chris HenryRB Do you really think that LenDale White is going to make it as the Titans'No. 1 guy?

152 DeDe DorseyRB The Colts' Joseph Addai insurance. And the team really likes him.

153 DaunteCulpepper QB He has a chip on his shoulder and should be starting by Bulger'sbye week.

154 CorrellBuckhalter RB Fantasy 101: If you pick Brian Westbrook, also select his Eaglesbackup.

155 Jeff WilkinsK He almost never misses (86.5% in '06), and the Rams will score a ton ofpoints.

156 Dwayne BoweWR Consistent TD catcher at LSU, and the Chiefs badly need another red-zonetarget.


157 MuhsinMuhammad WR Still a dependable starter for the Bears; not bad for mysixth wideout.

158 David MartinTE Who was Cam Cameron's last tight end? A dude named Antonio Gates.

159 Vikings DRun-stuffing unit creates turnovers (32 in 2006), but it lacks the depth to bea No. 1.

160 DwayneJarrett WR On further review, I should have taken a chance here onPriest Holmes.

161 D.J. HackettWR Late in 2006, Hasselbeck looked to him more than any otherSeattle wideout.

162 ReggieWilliams WR His production has increased every year he's been withthe Jaguars.

163 Brian LeonardRB Potential rookie sleeper as Rams figure out how to use the versatileback.

164 Greg Olsen TEEarly word from training camp suggests the Bears' late-first-round pick will bea steal.

165 Zach MillerTE Really wanted Greg Olsen, but Bears fanboy Duerson beat me to him.

166 StephenGostkowski K The Patriots should score more than the gang on Real World:Sydney.

167 MichaelJenkins WR The Falcons' passing game could actually improve withVick gone.

168 Owen DanielsTE Death to Duerson; I also wanted Olsen. Daniels, though, has plenty ofpromise.


169 Bengals D Um,why did I take Cincy's shaky unit with Philly's defense still available?D'oh!

170 MichaelPittman RB Cadillac Willams's health is always a concern, so I grabbed hisbackup.

171 MichaelBennett RB I'm not buying into the Priest hype; if LJ doesn't sign, I thinkBennett starts.

172 Ronald CurryWR Surprised this guy fell through the cracks. Will thrive if Oakland finds aQB.

173 Neil RackersK I'm hoping for a flashback to 2005, when the Cardinal hit 40 of 42 fieldgoals.

174 Brandon JonesWR Somebody in Tennessee has to catch passes from Vince Young, right?

175 Derrick MasonWR It's Round 15. Marvin Harrison is no longer on the board.

176 Sammy MorrisRB See DeDe Dorsey two rounds ago. Insert "Pats' Laurence Maroneyinsurance."

177 Eagles DThere's no way that Philly's unit should have been taken as low as 13th in thisdraft.

178 VisantheShiancoe TE In an offense where the QB will be dumping off plenty, he'll do asmy backup.

179 Priest HolmesRB Anyone else rooting for Larry Johnson to hold out for the entire season?

180 Desmond ClarkTE Greg Olsen will cut into his numbers, but only if the rookie's blockingdevelops.


181 Mike Bell RBHe's behind Travis Henry, but he had eight TDs in 2006 while playing mostly asa backup.

182 JaMarcusRussell QB My team was set rounds ago; now just making boom-or-bust picks.

183 MichaelTurner RB Most likely he'll sit behind LT all year, but he could be great ifgiven the chance.

184 Jason Elam KStability on offense should lead to more points for the vet, who hit 93.1% ofhis field goals last year.

185 Ted Ginn Jr.WR Poor man's Devin Hester, but with better receiving skills. Could score 10TDs.

186 Wali Lundy RBHe'll pick up the slack for Green--who hasn't lasted a whole season in quite awhile.

187 Josh Brown KA clutch kicker on Seattle's productive offense is a good way to round out myteam.

188 EddieKennison WR It's great value to land a team's No. 1 receiver this late inthe draft.

189 Matt Stover KHad meant to take a flier on Saints' Lance Moore, but I realized I hadn'tchosen a kicker yet.

190 Eric JohnsonTE Saints tight ends caught only 45 balls in 2006; if healthy, Johnson topsthat.

191 Steve SmithWR The other Steve Smith--but this rookie from USC is having a great trainingcamp with the Giants.

192 Josh Scobee KThis solid scorer is a steal coming seven rounds after Epstein's selection ofVinatieri.



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