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Grim Reaper

The scenefollowing Barry Bonds's record-tying 755th homer in your LEADING OFF photoconfirms a sad story. There's not a sign of joy among Bonds's teammates as theyline up to greet him at home plate. No one manages a smile, and some don't evenattempt perfunctory applause. The only animated figure is Bonds's own son.

Jim Crowther,Albuquerque

Isn't it ironicthat you began your Bonds story (End of the Chase, Aug. 13) on page 44-theuniform number of Henry Aaron.

Jerry Jackson, LaVergne, Tenn.

Carr Travel

David Carr toldhis kids (PLAYERS, Aug. 13) that the beach is closer in Charlotte (200 miles)than in Houston (50 miles)? Guess he doesn't read a map any better than hereads an NFL defense.
Lee Owen, Mercersburg, Pa.

Eastward Ho!

As a Minnesotafan I hope the Kevin Garnett trade (Hello, Boston, Aug. 13) helps rebuild theTimberwolves, but I want it to work for the Celtics, also. Garnett was the onebeacon of light for an organization impeded by complacent ownership andneglectful management. A lot of us here will continue rooting for this greatathlete and even better man.

Erik Pettersen,Minneapolis

In your articleon Garnett's joining Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the Celtics, you pointed outthat no team with three players averaging 20 points each has ever won an NBAtitle, but three such teams did make it to the NBA Finals. Here's a closer callin my book: the 1982-83 Sixers, who won an NBA title with Moses Maloneaveraging 24.5 points, Julius Erving averaging 21.4 points and Andrew Toneyaveraging 19.7 points-missing your benchmark by a mere .3 of a point.

Jeff Hawkins,Proctor, Vt.

Montana State

Let me assureyour national audience that "many in Bozeman" do not share residentAshley Kroon's xenophobic message expressed in George Dohrmann's story aboutout-of-state athletes who have committed crimes since coming to Montana State(Trouble in Paradise, Aug. 13). Though the crimes and the graduation ratesamong MSU's athletes are deplorable, these kinds of problems are shared by manyathletic departments (rural or otherwise) throughout the nation. I hope that wecan keep MSU's problems from degrading solely into a matter of race, and usethis story as a wake-up call to restore accountability in collegeathletics.

Daniel Muth,Bozeman, Mont.

To clarify myviews: The recent rash of crime in Bozeman linked to MSU athletes is not aproblem of race. This is about how crime has increased as a result ofrecruitment practices. I never said that Bozeman would be better off withoutblack, urban athletes. I said Bozeman would be better off without criminalswith prior histories who came to MSU on full-ride scholarships.

Ashley N. Kroon,Bozeman, Mont.

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