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Q&A Boomer Esiason

The CBS analyst takes over Don Imus's slot on WFAN-New York on Sept. 4

SI: Are you stepping into a minefield with this job?

Esiason: It's a great challenge, like starting at quarterback [in the NFL]. It's a minefield because you have to live up to the expectations. It's part of the excitement.

SI: People are going to learn about your politics and things normally not associated with a sportscaster. Does that concern you?

Esiason: No. Am I going to tell you the night before the election who I'm endorsing? No. I don't think people give a damn.

SI: Who are your three dream radio guests?

Esiason: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so I can grill the s--- out of him. Michael Jordan, to ask him about what he thinks of today's athlete. And Gisele Bündchen. To get the real scoop on Tom Brady, and just to say that I interviewed her. My buddies would be impressed.

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