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Easy Does It

If yourprojections are correct (COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW, Aug. 20), USC will not playa single top 15 team this year. The Trojans' most feared opponent, Notre Dame,hasn't won a bowl game in 13 years. As long as teams are rewarded for wins overun-ranked opponents, the schedule will often determine who plays for thenational title.
Robert Gallant, Midland, Mich.

Just hours afteryour preview issue hit the newsstands, Emmanuel Moody, one of the three USCtailbacks featured on the cover, announced that he was transferring to anotherschool. Does this establish a record for the fastest jinx in SI history?
Steve Ross, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

I realize thatyour chart listing the top rushing tandems in college history, in your story onDarren McFadden (Best Back in the Land, Aug. 20), was limited to running backs.But it is worth noting that West Virginia quarterback Pat White (1,219) andrunning back Steve Slaton (1,744) combined for 2,963 rushing yards last season.Their total surpasses those of all the running back combinations on your chartexcept for that of USC's Reggie Bush and LenDale White in 2005.
Steven Z. George, Gainesville, Fla.

Joe Paterno mustreally want the alltime win mark. According to your rankings of 119 Division Icolleges, Penn State this season will play the teams ranked 119th (FloridaInternational), 118th (Buffalo) and 114th (Temple).
Paul Merkh Jr., Haddon Township, N.J.

There is aperception in college football that the Pac-10 is an inferior conference,consisting of USC and the nine dwarfs. Case in point: Your prediction for thePac-10's in-conference record is a cumulative 41--49. Apparently SI thinks theconference is so bad that there will be four games in which both teams lose!
Rich Fong, Seattle

EDITOR'S NOTE:Also, the Big 12's cumulative in-conference record was predicted as 47--49. SIregrets the errors.


I enjoyed RichardHoffer's essay on Rick Ankiel's transition from pitcher to every-day player(PLAYERS, Aug. 20). But even though Babe Ruth was the greatest player to makethat switch, another Hall of Famer, with a connection to the Cardinals, mighthave been worth mentioning. Stan Musial pitched in the minor leagues before heinjured his shoulder and turned himself into a first baseman and outfielder.
Don Volk, Jacksonville


Peter King'sranking of the NFL's top 500 players in the Sept. 3 issue listed three playerstwice: Panthers defensive end Mike Rucker (at 279 and 319), Raiders cornerbackFabian Washington (at 372 and 419) and Ravens safety Dawan Landry (at 267 and454). A corrected list, with Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs at 319, Saintscornerback Jason David at 419 and Chargers safety Eric Weddle at 454, is

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