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Q&A Dane Cook

The actor-comedian fronts MLB's playoffs ad campaign

SI: Is there any comic who is also a good athlete?

Cook: No. Comics are very good at being vampires and sleeping till 3:30 in the afternoon. Rarely will you see them come together to participate in team sports.

SI: How did you get the MLB gig?

Cook: They learned of my affinity for baseball, which goes back to my father, George. The Boston Braves scouted my dad in 1952. He played third base in high school but decided to serve his country in Korea.

SI: You were at the 2004 World Series clincher?

Cook: I got tickets to Game 4, fourth row behind the Red Sox dugout. I called my dad the night before. I said, "Dad, get on a plane. We're going to see history."

SI: Let's play word association. Barry Bonds.

Cook: Polluted.

SI: Theo Epstein.

Cook: Visionary.

SI: George Steinbrenner.

Cook: Darth Vader. But that's two words.

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