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Leading Off

Home Groan

Boston firstbaseman Eric Hinske barreled into Jorge Posada at the plate in the sixth inninglast Saturday, but the Yankees catcher held on to the ball to get the out.Hinske's hard charge fired up the Red Sox, who scored 10 unanswered runs andprevailed 10-1, their only victory in the three-game series at Fenway Park.

Tiger's LastSand

After hitting outof a fairway bunker on the 17th hole, Tiger Woods went on to finish Sunday'sround in the Tour Championship with a 66 at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. Histournament-record 257 total, 23 under par, gave Woods an eight-stroke victoryand earned him the inaugural FedEx Cup, worth a $10 million bonus (page42).

End in Sight

Nebraskaquarterback Sam Keller had his passing lane blocked by 6'5" defensive endLawrence Jackson of USC last Saturday in Lincoln. While Keller threw for 389yard and two touchdowns, the top-ranked Trojans rolled 49--31 (page 46)

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Photograph by Damian Strohmeyer


Photograph by David Walberg from the MetLife Blimp


Photograph by Peter Read Miller