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Susan Sarandon

The Oscar winner plays a woman in love with a sadistic gym teacher in Mr. Woodcock

SI: What was your gym teacher like?

Sarandon: I went to parochial school, so we had nuns. We played dodge ball, and we genuflected—that was the extent of "gym" for girls.

SI: You were a cheerleader in high school?

Sarandon: I auditioned with a friend whose sister had been head cheerleader. I got in, and she didn't. It was like the start of one of those horrible teen movies.

SI: With two teenage sons, are you a soccer mom?

Sarandon: For years and years and years. Finally in high school they said, "You need to stop bringing orange slices."

SI: How would your sons describe you as a fan?

Sarandon: Whenever they look at the tape of a game, they hear me screaming, "Defense!" I very much believe in the power of negative thinking—willing the other team to do something stupid.

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